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  1. No matter which plane i use. ( FF A320, Inibuilds A300-600F, or AFL King Air ), once about 2 mile final ( 1000 ft AGL ) while established on the LOC 26R the sim will freeze and stop responding. Happens every time. If i disconnect before this area, i can land. Or like i tried last night, i switched to 26L and that seems to work. So the problem is xPilot has an issue with KATL 26R short final. When it crashes it says. The last line of the log.txt reads " XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:554/XPMPUnregisterPlaneNotifierFunc: 0 observers registered. " I'm using the Nimbus KATL for XP11. Open g
  2. Twice now, same spot, short final at KATL runway 26R, xPilot causes XP to freeze, then crash to desktop. I find this line at the bottom of the log. Not sure what it means. I'm using Nimbus Atlanta with the inibuilds A300-600F . I guess only pictures are allowed to be attached. So not sure what to do with the log.txt file. Below is the last line in the log which appears is when the sim hangs, then crashes. Anyone know what it means. Hope all has a good weekend. Dave. "xPilot/XPMP2 DEBUG XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:554/XPMPUnregisterPlaneNotifierFun: 0 observers registered"
  3. Of course you can fly a concorde if you like, Thank you for answering my questions. : ) I get a better customer service experience with volunteers like you, than i do with payware developers lol. That too is good to know. Makes sence and allows for others to have a slot. Thank you. So i guess I'll just file the historical Concorde track and see what happens on the day of. I'll monitor this thread. Maybe someone who has done this can let me / us know what their previous experiences were like. Dave
  4. Just to clarify. I will read the concord section. But are you saying for the CTP event that Concords will be assigned a special routing which would require flying with "the pack". I don't think there would be enough fuel to fly it at lower altitudes and at normal speeds such as a dreamliner. If that is the case what do you guys do with Concords? Are they pretty much obsolete for CTP?. Should i plan to do the CTP with a regular airliner? or will Concords have special routing to allow for the supersonic flight?. Thank you. Dave.
  5. So with this Flight plan from KBOS to EGLL using the Concorde. Which Waypoint would be the "entrance" to the Oceanic clearance? Here is the Flight plan, I used. LBSTA6 LBSTA SCUPP 4246N06500W 4307N06000W 4510N05230W 4554N05000W 4810N04000W 4926N03000W 4949N02000W 4941N01500W LULOX ASRAX ABDUK NUMPO NIGIT OCK SCUPP is to close to the Boston area, so I assume this would not be the fix I would use for the "entrance". ( Calling GANDER Oceanic. ) Should I use a different WP, or should I add another WP to this flight plan? I understand the Lat and Long coords. and how
  6. Thank you. Okay. I understand the TMI now. Thank you. The only question remaining is which WP's do I place in the Random Routing? Yes there is an option for random routing, but all fields are required to push through the Clr Request. So you still have to select a NAT even if not using it. That's fine though, I just need to know which WP's go in that field. I assume Oceanic controllers don't care about the SID and STAR. So that's why I figured only file the LAT and LON positions. Or do you just copy and paste the entire orig Clr into this slot? Thanks for the reply. Dave.
  7. Okay. Finally got a chance to try this. Unfortunately there were no oceanic controllers online during my flight. so I didn't really experience the whole thing yet. Anyway, a couple of questions relating to the submission form. The form is definitely set up for regular long haul AC. With NAT requesting NAT Track info and such. - Track: So when it tells me to select a Track, I think the only track avail was Z during today's flight. This had to be chosen to proceed. - Random route:. I just copied and paste the Legacy Concorde Route of NAT-SM ( Concorde West Bound ) into this spot.
  8. Thanks for the info. : )
  9. Thank you for that! I didn't think about the reserved slot bit. But that makes sense. The only problem may be if I do not grab a departure slot, that I could tentatively be on a ground hold for hours. So Maybe waiting till after the 1st wave of flights have already departed before I log in would be best. Or even better, maybe start out of a towered Field, but not one which is Hosting a departure field. That may work... Ah ok. Didn't think about having to 1st be logged in. Makes perfect sense. Thanks, Dave.
  10. So I just started to learn how to cross the pond. I like using a Concord to do so. I came across this tool, during my search for information. Apparently this is a position reporting tool used to CTP. I logged in using my Vatsim credentials but once logged in, I do not see any menu other than the Log off option. Is this tool only used during the CTP events, or is it available all the time? Maybe this only works on a certain browser? For that matter, I don't think CTP website is up either... This is the link to the tool https://nattrak.vatsim.net/ 2nd question. I know ther
  11. Thank you, that's exactly what i was planning to do. Just remove the plugin, even before i load in, so it won't run at all. Thanks. Dave
  12. I know that Justin generally recommends disabling other network Pilot Clients and AI Traffic plugins as potential sources of conflict. Any chance you can test without Traffic Global and rule it out as a cause? I will start trying that. I thought by disabling the plugin would be enough. Meaning i removed all the airplanes from view using the slider. I didn't think to move it out completely. I will give that a whirl. That makes sence. If i get another CTD without the plugin installed I'll attach that log here again. I do appreciate your answer's. Dave
  13. Thank you for the reply. To answer your questions. Yes I'm current on xPilot. Yes i update while XP is not running. And the result is a CTD. It will be a steady 35 fps, then drop to 15 or close then freeze. Then the windows not responding window will appear to shut down the app. So i force the program to quit at that point. When i fly on other networks, the sim may grind for 15 seconds while it loads in a new tile. Especially when its heavy city and HD Ortho like Seattle. But only for like 15 seconds, then back to the 30's FPS. So even through xPilot runs on the outside it must have som
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