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  1. 60 Hours is back. Join us for this one of a kind ATC marathon event! As part of this unique tradition, Boston Center will be staffed continuously from December 6 at 11am ET to December 8 at 11pm ET (6 Dec 1600z - 9 Dec 0400z). We will be hosting FNO on that Friday night as well. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  2. Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, not your carbs. On the Friday before Thanksgiving (Nov 22), Boston Virtual ARTCC and Cleveland ARTCC will be stuffing as many planes as we can into Boston Logan Airport (KBOS) and Detroit Metro Airport (KDTW). We hope to see a smorgasbord of traffic with more fixin's than Grandma's squash c[Mod - Happy Thoughts]erole, and there will be plenty of gravy and cranberry sauce to go around! The feast begins at 7pm ET / 2400 Z on Friday, November 22, and is scheduled to last for 4 hours. As always, we will try our best to stick around for leftovers,
  3. In the Regional Circuit, we staff up two of our airports to provide pilots with an opportunity to receive 'gate-to-gate' ATC service for the duration of the event. Pilots are encouraged to fly between the two airports and make the return flight if time allows; however, traffic from other airports is welcome as well. The Regional Circuit always creates an immersive atmosphere with busy frequencies and congested airways between the host airports. Boston Virtual ARTCC is teaming up with ZNY to bring you this special 4-hour edition of the Regional Circuit, featuring Philadelphia (KPHL) and Bos
  4. The Boys are Back with another exciting event in The State of M[Mod - Happy Thoughts]-- er.. Connecticut! Boston Virtual ARTCC invites you to this Saturday night gala, hosted at Bradley International Airport (KBDL). Bradley will be fully staffed on Saturday, September 7 starting at 2300z, with controllers ready to make airplanes dance a Spicy McHaggis Jig around the Y90 TRACON. We will be online for 4 hours or more - plenty of time to fly in, get a Rose Tattoo, say “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya”, and then be Going Out in Style. See you there!
  5. There is this strange issue on vERAM that I cannot figure out. Sometimes I will randomly get unexplained duplicate squawk codes. Either an aircraft is flying along and suddenly starts flashing CODE, or I will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a code and tag a target up and he is instantly flashing CODE. Sometimes it will happen when it is incredibly slow and there are no other targets around, and even i've had it happen with the first code I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign of the session. Sometimes it will happen to aircraft that were tagged up by another controller and handed to me as well. I tried us
  6. Live from Nashua, NH: Boston Virtual ARTCC presents the 20th Annual Boston Tea Party! Welcome to the 20th Annual Boston Tea Party LIVE! On Saturday, August 10, our controllers will come together in Nashua, NH to bring you seven hours of uninterrupted ATC coverage across the entire Boston ARTCC! In addition to Boston (KBOS) we will have staffing at many of our regional airports such as Bradley (KBDL), Providence (KPVD), Syracuse (KSYR), Portland (KPWM), Albany (KALB), and Nantucket (KACK). The fun will begin at 12:00 PM ET on August 10 and continue for 7 hours. The event will end prom
  7. As President Harry S. Truman used to say, "the buck stops here". Whether you're Pilot-in-Command or the Boston Final controller, you make the decisions that matter. Make the right decision on Friday, April 26th and fly into a fully staffed Boston Logan Airport (on the ROBUC, JFUND, or OOSHN arrival) starting at 1900ET/2300z.
  8. Completely agree. Cross The Pond is not a 3-4 hour evening event. It is a full day commitment, something that many people are not prepared to make without a few months notice. I don’t want to speak on behalf of other facilities but I speculate that the pain of being understaffed was felt across several parts of North America during CTP: - I observed 2/3 USA ARTCCs hosting arrival fields reaching out for extra controllers on forums. - One of our neighbors was understaffed at the start of the event to the point that they weren’t able to control all the traffic p[Mod - Happy Thou
  9. In the windows sounds settings for your audio device ensure you have the following settings: “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” = UNCHECKED “When windows detects communication activity” = DO NOTHING
  10. Hello from Boston Virtual ARTCC! Please read our Letter to Airmen which contains many references about what to expect for your arrival into Boston. We suggest pilots plan their entry into US Airspace via DOVEY, WHALE, or BRADD, and the following routes thereafter: DOVEY N20B SAILE FERNZ OOSHN5 WHALE FERNZ OOSHN5 BRADD EURRO OOSHN5 Aircraft can expect instructions to "descend via" the OOSHN5 arrival.
  11. The New York, Boston, and Washington ARTCCs are once again teaming up to bring you an FNO like no other! We'll be lighting up the Northeastern United States, renowned for it's busy airline commuter and business service, and bringing service to three of the major metropolitan airports of the area: Boston (KBOS), Newark (KEWR) and Washington-National (KDCA). We welcome all pilots and aircraft to come and join us for this chance to fly with ATC service in one of the most busy and congested air spaces in the country! Event will begin at 7:00 PM ET on Friday, February 8th, and will run until m
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