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  1. Yes.. So why ask about center controllers? Obviously you would not look up a center position in an airport DB?
  2. The visual center of the polygon? edit: I'm assuming you're talking about for labelling purposes. Otherwise why would you need this? How is the precise location of a CTR controller useful to a pilot?
  3. Why not just hook up your servers to a DB with airport coordinates?
  4. Have you completed the new member induction?
  5. Isn't that what Jeff asked? If it was possible to fly as an OBS, so he could just listen in?
  6. Yes, press check the "Connect as Observer" box after opening the connect dialog in your pilot client
  7. This isn't really specific to the datafeed, but here is a basic snippet of how to do it, refreshing data every 30s. Check out the MDN Docs on async/await. Keep in mind that you **cannot** get data from the datafeed from a browser. You have to do this from your own server and then pass the data onto your clients. This is to reduce the amount of requests to the datafeed. You could use node.js to create a simple server for this. Anyway: const fetchData = async () => { try { const response = await fetch("https://data.vatsim.net/v3/vatsim-data.json"); return response.j
  8. I've seen a few pilots putting on amateur airshows over London Gatwick recently
  9. You account has been kicked from the server, should work now.
  10. Bon travail.. felicitations! 😀
  11. While it is difficult to find VFR Sectional Charts for most countries outside of the US, often AIPs will include VFR charts for areas directly surrounding airports that should be some help.
  12. Worth noting that a lot of vAccs have their sectors published on their websites, so you could always check what freq to contact there, or pm one of the controllers before you depart
  13. Sure @Kyprianos Biris, I haven't gotten it set up yet because "Weather Map" is greyed out (can't click on it) in TopSky setup menu for me. But when I do, I will let you know if I get it working any better
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