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  1. Don't blame GDPR for organizations providing too strict solutions Even within the playground of GDPR, VACCs have a legitimate interest to keep their roster accurate. Currently, VACCs are very likely to retain all information on the people who left their VACC, as they never get the update that they left. Which is also a GDPR issue as you're retaining personal information which you no longer need to process. I believe it will be fine to have an endpoint which exposes the current people within the region/vacc/subdivision. Of course this endpoint will have to be authenticated like the curren
  2. Hi, What you've generated with those commands are Certificates which use RSA as their keys. What you need is just a plain RSA key pair. You can find the commands to generate those at the bottom of this post: https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=134&t=65339 Kind regards, Johan.
  3. Agreed! In my instance I only fetch from VRoute as I fetch the data more often than RELOAD advises (as it lies and it's refreshed more often). To save bandwidth on both sides I configured caching for the HTTP client library but only VRoute plays nice. Both Aircharts.org and Harden.net send out ETag's in their response but don't actually handle them, causing them to send out several tens of kilobytes which I will trash as I already have those. status.vatsim.net advises to pick one server at random but with caching this needs to have a consistent ETag across all servers to effectively rece
  4. Hello, I'm currently working on securing my app behind the VATSIM SSO. However I'm running into some issues which cause me to think that the demo environment currently isn't working as expected. The supplied client (http://sso.hardern.net/client) stumbles on the get go, when running the source locally it comes to the same result (after updating the config ofcourse). In my target implementation (Java) I observe the demo environment to redirect my request instead of the expected response. Sending request POST http://sso.hardern.net/server/api/login/token/json Received response
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