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  1. There is no "standard VATSIM ATIS", apart from the one a controller has set up.
  2. After installing r17, this error message has been starting to pop up. https://prnt.sc/kd6281
  3. Website is back up now. Because the CZYZ, CZVR, CZWG and CZQO websites are hosted on the VATCAN server they were also down, back up now. I believe it was just a small issue with paying the bills.
  4. AI ATC couldn't be as realistic as VATSIM controllers are. How could it tell the difference between SID [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments at every airport? How could it differentiate between different procedures that come in nearly every country?
  5. Whichever one of these 2 you want to download from here: http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Download.aspx It will be running off the VATSIM metars, which are pulled from different providers, giving the real world metars. I will definately not be the same as the FSX metars in most fields, as that's fairly badly broken. If you're wanting some good weather engines, in payware there's Active Sky (https://hifisimtech.com) and in freeware there's FSrealWX (https://www.fsrealwx.net). They will be very similar to what the VATSIM metars are showing.
  6. Try using the vATIS profile in the West Coasters file browser in the Teamspeak.
  7. Doing something like that though is only really acceptable o fun it's coordinated with the next controller.
  8. I was on CYYJ_APP. There was someone flying from CYYJ to CZBB. I gave him a visual: CYYJ_APP: FDX74, report the field in sight. FDX74: Which one?
  9. I don't think it's true when you say that. In the case of, for example, Edmonton, covers such a large area that using an FSS is necessary to give them permission to use a higher vis range.
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