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  1. So as I understand this, and please correct me if I'm wrong, us FS9'ers using Squawkbox, can no longer participate with VATSIM? I have over 1100 hundred hours of flying online with VATSIM. I am not the only one. And please, before anyone suggests SWIFT, understand that it works a 1/3rd of time with many issues. These issues were addressed over a year ago with the actual authors of Swift - Not Andreas. Can anyone recommend a interface to VATSIM for users of FS9 going forward? Respectfully, Michael
  2. Oh, I do. As well as a couple others...........
  3. Amen! Thank you Robert. If someone wants to to pretend I'm in no way going discredit them or look down on them. Again. It's a choice. Always has been and always will. Were told to believe "the science" as it relates to the current corona pandemic. So the science and physiology must also be respected. There are two sexes. Men & women. Period! Nothing else. That said, again I have no problem including and loving anyone for what they believe in. No one, and I mean no one, should be singled out for hatred or violence. And that includes our men & women police officers here in the United
  4. Oh for the love of God. Really? I've never even considered anyone on this network to be challenged in any manner on their life choices. Everyone here is sharing in the love of aviation. Nothing more. Grandstanding with your political beliefs has no place here "in my opinion". Frankly, I believe most controllers here would rather you learn the basic concepts of flying, aviation, terminology, procedures, etc. rather than worry about yourself being offended by not being recognized as whatever.
  5. Hello. I have a side "small" monitor attached to a networked PC which displays my Audio for Vatsim, Weather program, and a moving map program. All working seamlessly via WideFS. My problem. Audio for Vatsim is very resolution "unfriendly" meaning the bottom half of the GUI is hidden when, and if, I need to make an adjustment, such as microphone volume. The bottom half is where you click "apply" etc. etc. Sometime clicking on the main Windows7 window frame enlarges to show those bottom selections. Sometimes it does not. I have researched the Audio for Vatsim faq's, manual, etc. and do n
  6. It is usually a scenery conflict. We are still using FS9 in our sim and we have a list of 5 cities that we consider "no-go" areas because of CTD's that have never been addressed. Fort Myer's, Florida for example. Doesnt occur until we climb out north, and above 10,000 feet. Who knows. Michael
  7. More context...... So Discord is the "go to" now? Then explain what this forum is about? Michael
  8. Food for thought. Europe , and Montreal, are pretty small when comparing the two to the bulk of users worldwide. Be positive. They will fix it!
  9. Mike Lehkamp

    Fried Egg

    Often while tuned into "any" control sector I'm flying within I experience a weird sound on my end. It can be a pilot, or controller. Most of what they say is intelligible. However, the transmission ends with a very annoying sound that I best can describe as someone throwing an egg on a hot skillet. Curious if anyone has experienced this, and or, how to remedy the issue. Michael
  10. Don, I wasn't aware that soooo many people in this forum feel soooo violated when you point out the obvious to them. I'm not sure what most folks here define the word "Duh" as. But here in the States it merely means "come on man, really?" It's not offensive, vulgar, or anyway meant to attack. And Don, you of all people know that. If this is how fragile people have become than I will refrain from posting here in the future. Kirk, I'm truly sorry you felt humiliated. Please except my apology. Michael
  11. Any word on Swift being fixed so aircraft are no longer buried below the tarmac? Thanks, Michael
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