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  1. From the staff of the International Humanitarian Air Service: To start, we wish the Vatsim community a Happy New Year! We are very excited and we hope everyone has another great year of flying ahead of them! We are welcoming new pilots into IHAS! The International Humanitarian Air Service is a Virtual Airline for aviation enthusiasts. The only virtual airline that seeks to provide global aid throughout the virtual skies, IHAS models the theme of a non-for-profit humanitarian air service, as well as the workings of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, and flies into various
  2. Adding to the list, I would also prefer getting a new voice codec so the radio qualities can be improved. Voice now depends on the quality of the microphones pilots and ATC are using, and only few have good ones. Secondly, I would prefer enabling voice on UNICOM. I feel that typing while flying is hard to do, multitask wise, especially in GA planes VFR. Voicing your intentions, I feel, is better than typing your intentions. Finally, I would raise the standards of pilots and their basic standards of connecting and what to do on the network. Here is an example. During an event, I saw o
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