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  1. On the same topic and along the lines of the top down theory If there is no TWR or GRD at your cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D location but there is a CTR within range do you depart with 122.8 then pick up CTR as you depart the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] d. I seen on here where sometimes CTR will play all three roles if they have time to but wasn't to sure on the rule of thumb Coming from flying in the real word we would depart on Unicom then pickup CTR.
  2. Thanks for the fast response. Wanted to make sure of this while I'm still jumping around cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] d and g airspace before I headed to someplace larger
  3. Have searched with zero luck for the answer to this question and I'm sure the vets are tired of hearing it lol. Just flew from KCRE-KHXD both are towered fields, but there was no ATC via vatsim. In this case do I treat it as uncontrolled field tune to 122.8 and just monitor if no traffic, advise intentions if there is. Or, do I tune to the frequency of the published TWR/GRD for said airfields and listen for vatsim traffic.
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