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  1. Morten, It should be going to the ese file. I can see the things if I go and edit the profile display settings to show a group. I just don’t want to type every single item to be displayed. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  2. Morten, It is all set up in the .sct file. I am 90% sure it goes in the .ese file. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  3. Greetings, Euroscope doesn't show up the display settings boxes to toggle what is displayed. If I disable one of the boxes, the box disappears! The VORs and Fixes and all that should be set up properly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Greetings, I can't tell if an aircraft is squawking mode C on the ground. I have it set to Easy VATSIM and Easy Ground. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  5. Hey! Thanks for everyone's help, I got the problem solved. Yeah, it was the sector files... Sincerely, Ray
  6. Bjoern, Yep, doing that. I was switching parts out of my PC so I couldn't do much plus I had school. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  7. Jonas, Yes, both are checked. My ARTCC doesn’t provide ES files so I can’t ask them. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  8. Ryan, No, everything's setup. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  9. Greetings, There are no boxes to enable these items: Right now I am having to go to the .ASR file and edit what to be shown (temp fix for now). Thoughts? Sincerely, Ray Trac
  10. Morten, Huh ok. I'll keep editing the sector files till something comes out. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  11. Morten, It doesn't work. I have updated the files I linked on the first page. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  12. Morten, I've already tried but Im giving it another go. This time, I have edited the files a little more to see if it works. I will update you when I have a departure. Sincerely, Ray Trac
  13. Hey, Maybe if I send you guys the ESE file, RWY file, and SCT file, it might help. Make sure you download it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LDW3_daO7aMsOf7yetfoDqvyo1yy6lCH Sincerely, Ray Trac
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