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  1. Could anyone shed some light into how to change the Euroscope default font? I've seen a few scopes posted here where the tag and list typefaces are different from the default ES one. Any thoughts?
  2. Updated, hope this is ok Perfect, thank you - the event has now been added to the VATSIM events calendar - https://www.vatsim.net/events/riga-wednesdays-launch-event Brilliant, thank you!
  3. Dear Pilots, Latvia vACC would like to invite you to our launch event of Riga Wednesdays, our new fortnightly full ATC event! Due to the ever increasing traffic at our highly successful weekly 'Riga Friday Fun' event, we have decided to offer you yet another evening in the week where you can receive full ATC! Riga Wednesdays will happen every fortnight and you can expect full ATC throughout the evening. We look forward to seeing you in the skies and on the ground at Riga for our Riga Wednesdays Launch Event Twitter/ Facebook CHARTS SCENERY PILOT BRIEFING
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