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  1. This point out that we need a tool which is able to indicate not only on the map but also on airport map where are connected aircraft prior to chose our own stand. For the moment we are able to see flying aircraft, but not the boarding or arriving ones.

    Something which looks like flightradar24.com ...

  2. Hello, since this morning impossible to see flight on Vattastic.

    I can connect on client (tested XSB and xPilot)

    I can log in Vattastic as an individual

    I can logon into Vatsim, via xPilot


    When I login on these different places Then a message ask me to be logged either on Vattastic (I am) and on VATSIM as a plane (I am too).

    What I missed ?

    Thank You !

  3. Justin, I just wanted to say that in my most recent flight, the low frame-rate detection and ensuing action seems to work exactly as intended -- at least it did for me. Temporary drops resulted in warnings followed by cancellation messages, and sustained drops resulted in warnings followed by kicks. Thanks for bearing through the imp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ioned pleas, including my own, to get this right.
    I want to say thank you, too. The last version is running fine for me, no forced disconnects and even better framerate.

    Yes, 200 % approved ! This version, tested against consuming scenery and demanding aircraft, works fine !

    Well done Justin !

  4. Just know that P3D does not seem to be continued.

    less than 26000 airports,

    X-Plane is preparing its graphic evolution with Vulkan to replace OpenGL.

    As it is an open community, there are more than 38k airports available and more than 28k with 3D objects.


  5. Hello Everyone.


    I just returned to flying online yesterday after the holidays, and updated to version (from 1.1.6) and was caught by surprise by a disconnect also.

    My flight was kept above 30 fps pretty much the whole way. Maybe on occasions (clouds and on final approach into ATL with heavy traffic) I saw it dropping to 24 ~ 25 but never below 20.


    I believe XPilot is somehow misreading this variable. I know how important it is to have everyone flying at 1x sim rate, but if the function is not working properly, perhaps it should be disabled until further testing.



    Hello, I wrote a Lua script to figure out how FPS varies and to count variation and display them. It also computes and count FPS drops under 20FPS that last for more than 30 seconds. xPilot displays at which time your sim begin to slow under limit and at which time it recovers. You ll may compare with this third party script and report to xPilot developer if needed.

    Hope it'll help.

    I use 3jFPS Wizzard in conjunction, which help proving the right calculation in my script and will help to confirm that sometimes there are abnormal disconnection, and I hope, help its developer to fix its code.

    The last version of script is there : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/57200-check_fpslua/

  6. Ross, from my point: Not especially at you, I am just noticing that there are a lot of reports here and on other forums/social media channels from pilots who should not get disconnected but actually are - and I have the impression these users don't receive the attention and help they deserve (of course, I could be wrong here, maybe the staff and the developers are already talking to them via private channels). My opinion is: If you introduce something like these forced disconnects, you also have the obligation to care about the users who are wrongly affected by it.


    And why aren't these people listen to ? Why ?

    I was one of that people with quality slider on the right and FPS average between 35 and 60, depending on the scenery, and being disconnected.

    I wrote the script which points out the monitor was much sharper than it would be.


    But it seems there are some deaf people hiding themselves behind the cause the invoke. It is like a crusade, we are renegate, and they are knights, we are wrong they are right. Whatever your flying experience.

    And the fact I have evidence in front of my eyes doesn't matter and don't stop them as they just listen to themselves only.

    Whatever you write is wrong, just overfly the subjects and the posts ... VATSIM, open minded group, trying to make people sharing flying and controlling experience turned into another kind of organization I wouldn't as it is just a shame !


    Come on guys ! Wake up and realize you are flying high speed and low or high frame rate against the cliff !

  7. Thank you for the link to XSquawkbox Knowledge base.


    20FPS means 50ms (50ms*20 = 1s)


    If, during the elapsed 1s, FPS is down to 10FPS one time, there will be 100ms with a low frame rate and 900ms with a normal rate. So a short freeze. If it happens rarely it is OK.The FPS average is <20FPS, strictly.


    if, during several consecutive seconds(2,3,10,30) , FPS drop under 20FPS, then during the elapsed time (2,3, 10, 30 s) the average speed will be < 20FPS. And for sure the real position of the aircraft will differ from the one it should be.

    The plane is slower than indicated. It is critical if you are not alone in the area.


    By the way, FPS are variable as the input in Windows scheduler are variable too.

    So you may observe on the same 1s duration, FPS under 20 and also, some or a lot, FPS upper 25 or 30, or 40. So the lone way to check is to compute dynamic average speed on a period, and check if average goes under 20 as that means that the plane is slower than it should be on that period. If you have FPS drops under 20 and FPS greater than 30, the average will possibly be > 20 and the impact in delay or position is 2 digits after the comma !


    It is also important to measure the %age of FPS counted under 20FPS on all FPS count, as it allows to compute the whole delay : time and distance, during the whole flight.


    But it is necessary to be smart too with this %age

    For example if 25% of whole FPS has been under 20FPS your plane will be late and will be slower than indicated for controller or other pilots.


    If the %age of FPS under 20FPS is under 1/1000, or less, during your flight, it is hidden, and mixed in all approximation already done in other computation.


    The Check_FPS.lua(*) script uses computer's clock to count X-plane FPS variation. X-Plane gives its own vision of what are FPS, the script follows variation and memorize them and count the lasting low FPS period, the measure is instant FPS and average FPS, the check is scheduled by Windows as the lua engine is requesting Windows clock.


    The new version of script allows to increment or decrement, by 5s step, the length of observed time, by default 31 s, it may vary between 1 and 61 s.


    So using this script, one has two tools, one inside network client, one outside, to double check how the frame rate is evolving.



  8. While checking xPilot, 3jFPS.lua and CheckFPS.lua with and average speed rate of 53 and a rate of low rate of 1/1000, I observed a warning -not a disconnection- during tile loading.


    By the way I do not see the transparent windows with frame rate.

    Where it is supposed to be ?

    My script record automatically lasting drops <20FPS for 30 s and count them.

    xPilot warned me for a one minute lasting 19:14:36 - 19:15:39 which hasn't been detected.

    So there is a discrepancy between xPilot detection, and Check_FPS.lua detection.

    To find out I modified the script, allowing to increase/decrease the duration of observation of low FPS <20FPS .

    I go on checking until I can deliver an consistent answer to this mismatch.

  9. Hi Justin, in the latest update of XPilot, the disconnect message is being triggered at about 25 FPS, and it won't become "Healthy" until about 30FPS. The issue with this is generally my sim sits at 25 FPS.


    Thanks, Tristan.

    To verify you can use the script I wrote which shows permanently FPS and FPS drop periods.

    When using just X-Plane FPS displays on the top left, retinal remanence don't allow to see short drops.


    @Justin, my suggestion is to check by FPS steps, <10FP <15FPS ; <20FPS and check it with 15 to 20 volunteers with lowered power computer. Test it on a demanding scenery.

    Observe fluidity with other pilots and controllers, and vote for the best admissible compromise.

    Then redo on another scenery. Real time testing workshop on agile mode will rapidly solve the problem.

  10. Thanks for this. I've been using the script since it was available on the X-Plane.org site. Very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing (I guess that's exactly that constructive feedback that has been ask for in this discussion). Will test it!

    You are welcome ! The more you are the more feedback on tweaks the community will get. I saw many advice on how increase FPS, some of them are antagonist. Using this kind of tool which monitors FPS lives, it 'll be perhaps easier to find the setting you need !

    If you fly low and VFR, quality is requested to enhance experience.

    If you fly IFR on a busy airports max FPS is the key and as buildings mask part of the scenery, the lack of detail is not critical.


    Enjoy !!

  11. Anybody wants more fluidity, more realism, less annoyance.

    As I said in earlier posts (some said "yelled", or "screamed", whatever anybody want to call a from now a protest against unjustified annoyance) I would write some tool to figure out what went wrong.

    Using FlyWithLua, I wrote a script which grab on the fly each FPS at frame rate. It displays history of grabbed FPS by step of 5s difference and explicitly shows number of FPS <10; <15s; <20s; <25s; <30s; <35s; <40s; <45s; <50s; <55s; <60s and > 60s.

    It shows total number of FPS < 20FPS, the total number of grabbed FPS, the global average FPS.

    All is dynamically refreshed. That the static report, bv adding on the fly.

    But it was not sufficient as if FPS drops under 20FPS occurs, I had to figure out if it was isolated one, without visible impact for the simmer nor the controller, or if there was a low FPS period, starting, lasting for as long as 30 second, which becomes a real annoyance for both sides : local computer, and other users connected on network, and flying in the same area, the same controlled airspace.

    Except to prove something on Chaos Theory, I don't understand why disconnecting an isolated plane above Pacific Ocean, and far from any island with an airport.


    So the script also computes the average current FPS on the last 30s, counts the number of period of 30s where this average FPS is under 20FPS.

    Yes, indeed, it is some kind of educational code, not compacted, not optimized, but it may helps to track errors in it.


    Each simmer is encouraged to test it, to report first annoyance, errors, remarks and eventually satisfaction.

    On a 45-55 avg FPS rate computer, I observed FPS drop under 20FPS on my computer, the average number depends on the plane and the scenery used. 1/3000FPS

    3jFPS is running in max FPS mode.

    When a change is applied to 3jFPS settings you directly see live the gap, the jump of performance.

    When you change scenery, also, but as script is in off mode by default you have to restart it, using proper macro choice

    When you change plane, same testing condition, use proper macro to show whatever you want.

    So, try it, and report if it helps to tune your computer or to see any improvement in xPilot way of selecting computer to be disconnected.

    The script is available here : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/57200-check_fpslua/

    Best regards to all

  12. Roberts,

    I wrote a script making things clear. The common rule for a beta is to take testers advice in account.

    Really not the first software I tested.

    I subscribed to Vatsim to share flights with people and to share entertainment, flying experience.

    Real pilot, real developer, real manager of dev team in IT security domain, I just say the trigger annoy pretty much more people than the very one concerned and not a handfull, but as usual a few of them are complaining.

    What does think the silent part ? Nobody really knows, nobody.

    By the way you ought to rate the number of connection to see if more people are connecting or less, with xPilot first, and the global number to Vatsim.

    If they grows, there is no problem, if not you'll have to think about it.

    Have nice uncut flights !

  13. Hello,

    Audio trouble check reminder :

    Windows :

    When overflying tray speaker icon do you see if active output is your headset ?

    When opening sound parameters windows, from this overfly position, is your output peripheral [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to your headset? When opening windows sound mixer do you see your headset and check headset sound cursor is up ?



    Opening Settings/Audio/PTT tab

    is your input device showing your used microphone ?

    is output device showing your headset ?

    see cursors positions for both

    speak on micro : do you see color moving ?



    Check audio setting tab

    Are sound activated

    See cursors position

    Check reception with activating ATIS andlistening to your current airport's one

    Check plugins/xpilot/setting and verify listening port numbers (btw if not good connection troubles may have already happened)



    Heavy problem tracking :

    Backup your x-plane/output/preferences folder

    and delete .prf (heavy method as I wrote)

    Check if it solve

    Then file by file restore previously saved .prf files one by one until finding the one causing pb, if pb comes from perf

  14. Somebody will come up with a scrip to automatically re-connect

    You are right, someone will do, not me I guess I am not good enough.


    By the way, I ll fly elsewhere until xpilot just kick off only when it is mandatory to do that.

    I'll check from time to time.

    I was kicked with FPS average over 45; M Knudsen with a more than 120 FPS average was kicked off also.

    So there are probably some tweaks to do.


    So I admit that if there are problems in controlled area, anywhere I am not convinced. And the response is probably to strong and too wide.


    I stop annoying the channel.


    Thank to the staff doing their best to makes things going better for ATC as there is too few ATC, and for all having better flying experience.


    Hope Laminar will fix what causes this mess.


    Some people wrote here and there that they also don't understand the non proportional response of the tool in front of the disturbance caused by mis configured computers.


    Hope it'll doesn't impact image of community.


    Best regards to all


  15. Hi Daniel,
    when being alone in an area, flying half the speed because of 50% FPS drop under 20 is not an issue. Don't be rough that much as people need room to test their tweaks, step by step, and online.

    I can give a clue : the "who is online?" option might helps to detect if there is somebody else in the area ...

    you do not need to be online to test your tweaks. I measured the frame rate drop caused by a VATSIM connection last week. On my system (I am using swift as pilot client, but that should be identical to xPilot in terms of performance) I had a drop of 1fps when displaying in excess of 50 aircraft at the same time. That's nothing!


    So, if your setup gets you to operate near the 20fps-mark then please try to ease the settings of X-Plane to increase your FPS, you can test it offline. On the other hand, pilot clients should not drop your connection if your FPS drop below 20 for a couple of seconds while loading scenery/weather/aircraft/whatever.

    Hi Andreas, by the way, using my script, I get 95 % of my frame > 35FPS, 1/1000 <20FPS and the complement is distributed between 20 and 35. FPS rise up to 50. Yesterday, while loading tiles I was disconnected twice, for several minutes each times and obliged to reconnect manually.

    For testing I prefer to be connected to check how xpilot reacts to current tweak.

  16. Planes don't appear in X-Plane like vessels in StarWars ... When being at more than 5 NM it does not matter for me that a 777 can be stuck in the air like a balloon. I find it a little bit too rude.

  17. Yes, my little piece of code points out the phenomenon : random drops.

    I count those <10FP ; 1530FPS

    For hours of running, 1/1000 to 2/1000 under 20FPS, 0 below 15FPS, 0 below10FPS, on my standard configuration.


    By the way a FPS drop, isolated, may be hidden in network retries fluctuations. I totally agree with this point of view (I was accused to yelled so )

    When the drop repeat during a gap, it might be an issue and then disconnecting may be one of the solution.

    I told about 50% and the quote from XSB says the same thing.

    On addition for Matthew and Justin : when being alone in an area, flying half the speed because of 50% FPS drop under 20 is not an issue. Don't be rough that much as people need room to test their tweaks, step by step, and online.

    I can give a clue : the "who is online?" option might helps to detect if there is somebody else in the area ...

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