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  1. Hello Matthews, Justin, I agree with the fact that a zombie or sleeping computer, annoying all other simmers (pilots and controller) under control in the same area has to be disconnected. For my own experience, I was in an uncontrolled area, without ATC and no other simmers around. So I hope version is tweaked to disconnect only when close to a controlled area or when other buddies are there. To be disconnect in a desert area does not help really. The script I wrote showed my computer had an average of 1/1000 FPS drop under 20FPS. and 95% above 35 FPS By the way, I would h
  2. So I wrote a lua script as light as possible not to perturb the FPS check It catches FPS given by X-plane at each frame It draws FPS distribution in 0 - 10 - 15 -20 -25 - 30 - > 30 and aggregate the sum for < 20 FPS and the sum > 20FPS The low FPS occurs from time to time and lasts 0.03 s as written on top left. So xPilot detects that sometimes (~1 time on 1000 in average), FPS dropped on my computer. It effectively happens. If it occurs a lot it is visible, loss in fluidity , slideshow effect, and for sure network impact. If it is rare (my case 1/1000 of time) it is
  3. I let the script running while writing previous post and on the last 15 minutes there are only 3 drops for 50000 measures ... I ll provide the code for people who want to test their configuration.
  4. Flying with 3JFP activated and tweaks to have 35-55 FPS : got MSG Coding a sensor in lua to get short drops of FPS. It shows signals that short drops can occurs, but less than 1/16s (invisible by human eyes on a FPS rate displayed by X-Plane on the screen). During one minute the sensor captured 3 occurrences of FPS < 20 FPS and 3597 occurrences of FPS > 20 th0 ~3600 measures for 60 second means there is an average of 60 tick per second and that one ticks lasts less that 1/60 second. Each ticks is equal in the Windows kernel usage of the lua script, as it is another thread than tho
  5. After flight I disconnect from network and close xPilot program I let X-Plane opened When coming back from lunch, despite xPilot is off (disconnected and program closed), i got two other MSG about frame rate, by the message window. Can this be fixed ? Regards
  6. X-plane 11.41 tweaked, 3JFPS = ON FPS 35-50 PANC local time = night Starting the flight at 08:17 Z Taking off at 08:18 Z Plane DHC-6 RWD updated 08:26 Z xPilot sent a MSG saying the fps was now healthy >= 20 fps The X-Plane fps constantly shown (changing often) were always >=20 08:40 another MSG despite FPS never never went down under 30 Is it really necessary to say constantly :" all is OK you can fly ! all is OK you can fly !" And when it is obviously not need ? Hopefully, thank to the developer, the MSG windows can be closed and so the pilot can recover visual
  7. The problem comes from the way the dialog is actually one way forced : - listen to us , we have tested and it works on our computer so obey us and follow the rules - several industrial crashes in automobile or aviation remind us it is not the way to listen users and to satisfy the entire community We are numerous to ask some kind of improvement -I remind it is a BETA- for a software under build ! I really don't understand why some ask us to shut up when others are asking improvement. Nobody holds the truth. What we saw is some discrepancy between the draft and the way it functions ... L
  8. Hey Justin, i used my first sim in the 80's after had already began to compute on very low machine with few steps of program and few memory to store data... I just want the bad/good FPS to be double-checked, that is a rule in technical world. In aviation too ... No ? For the while X-plane tell me 35FPs and another software tell me it is <20 Which one is right ? Just show the FPS you find, to compare, and we'll try to understand if there is a gap ! Regards
  9. I am not yelling against Laminar, not at all ! I just asked the fps check to be optional as it has some errors : I experienced disconnection when at 30-35 and up FPS on x-plane. If a less than 20FPS for more than 30 seconds have occurred I guess I would have noticed ! I experienced multiple disconnection -re-connection in the same second. So is is a less than one second shot or a 30 second. We are beta users, why don't you treat us as beta users ? If there is a fps check activated, the minimum is that it shows its FPS measurement ! Like a light debug mode. Kicking off on the f
  10. Hello xPilot Developer introduce FPS monitoring, why not ? You don't make it optional, that is not what we expect as user. You want us to keep using your tool ? That is normal. You may add an optional feature to you xPilot beta : showing your measured FPS. If we can really see from both inside and outside coherent low FPS, I guess we'll know what to do. For know it is not a convenient software for all parties ...
  11. Ok Evan, as a controller you are satisfied ... and I am glad to read that ! But it seems that some guys, not the main silent part perharp, has some request which might be heard clearly ... As I wrote on other post my feeling is that there are several kind of causes of disturbance for ATC when a place is busy. In my opinion "X-Plane bashing" is not the best option. "Poor simmers bashing" is not a good option either. I was disconnected while having 30 to 35 FPS under X-Plane. So perhaps do we have to investigate in another way that just from one end of the line. Try to tell me I li
  12. For the moment, what we are reporting, is that FPS alerts of xPilot do not match with FPS reported by X-Plane. In my opinion, the productive way is to contact Laminar and check with them how to adapt X-Plane to makes it having FPS ever >= 26 FPS for example, instead of banishing pilots who can pay themselves a super computer. Both of simmer are retired with low incomes. If you trash them ... what would happen ?
  13. A real challenge for developers would be a real ACARS program, managing planes under ATC sending them tuning via ACARS. As it is really done other Europe.
  14. And by the way pilots who can afford your FPS requirement will be excluded in the race for performance ! So is it this the way of wishing pilot a happy new year ? I guess being straight in your boot might makes you lose pilots on VATSIM. What do you really want ? A bunch o over-clockers or many pilot discovering the flying world ? It is up too you !!! Read the motive of VATSIM and think about it !
  15. Hello Matthews, please read carefully : I never wrote X-plane was freezing. It was an hypothesis reporting that "even if FPS was so low that X-plane freezes for 1 second"you'll lose 82 meter of accuracy in plane's position.
  16. And I add to Justin Shannon that my computer and my installation of X-Plane are both correctly tweaked. I began my life by installing computers ... By the way I am retired now, but I spent 10 years of my life teaching computing in technology sciences, 10 more years in scoring low level code against high valuable requested performances in a huge European Telco, and 24 year in computing for code security purpose. So for me performance, code quality, code security are part of my life. Flying too as I graduated PPL for real in 1998. So back to : I noticed many msg more than 5 per se
  17. Hello Matthew, the problem is that xPilot complains for FPS <20 FPS and while X-Plane displayed FPS are > 30 I am confident in X-Plane FPS calculation by itself. So please can you make this FPS checking optional ? Giving some example of low FPS impact : Imagine you are at 160 kt, in final. You fly at 82 m/s. If the frame rate is 24 FPS (like in a movie) each 1/24 s you fly 3.41 m The lost of accuracy is 3.41 m by 1/24 FPS. If you freeze for one entire second you lose 82 in the track ... When you are several aircraft on final, you have normally one minute spacing (sometimes le
  18. Hello, checking FPS is boring as even if FPS is > 22 the disconnection happens ! Be aware that numerous cycles of connection and disconnection may affect VATSIM database connection too ! Simmers using detailed scenery are bored enough by FPS impact to avoid being bored by any software adding already known information (we have options to tell us what are current FPS). So this functionality helps less than expected. If we can have a version without FPS checking, or in which FPS checking is optional (checkbox), it will be really appreciated ! Best regards Daniel 1400805
  19. Yes this is boring and the check itself causes the CPU consumption and the FPS drop down it is supposed to monitor. A well known sentence on science which remind that measurement equipment often alters the measure itself ! Proven once again !
  20. Hello guys, like in real life where you are supposed to connect airport frequency at 5 min before entering uncontrolled zone around airfield, if people do not communicate as it is asked to do, I propose two options non mutually exclusive which are : - send a .wallop message indicating what is happening in the specific area where non communicating pilot creates hazardous situation in a busy place, to be asked by a supervisor to read network instructions - send an 'AIRPROX' message, to staff, like you have to do in real life, indicating what happened and what others had to do to avoid collisio
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