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  1. Good question, I think I have it. On the note section General information no. 9 it says: DVR 9M/9V: "In order to alleviate airspace congestion and improve ATC flexibility, pilots may be offered WIZAD 4M/4V SID at late stage prior to departure." Both WIZAD and ADMAG is east of gatwick so both these sids are probably used to sequence traffic. I don't know how much traffic it was when you were flying but I reckon have a rerouting like this is not unusual.
  2. What runway to use is most often determined by wind direction, but some airports also have preferential runways for departures, arrivals or night and day(This can be found either on vatsim briefing docomeents or the country's AIP site). This is what ATC will consider when deciding active runway and depending on traffic he might ask you use another runway or just land on the runway you have planned. I don't think there is any rules for this, it's just about traffic flow and safety. A change in runway after you have started the descent happens from time to time, and that is just something p
  3. Interesting to hear theses stories. I don't think I have had a flight I would consider really bad, although I did overrun the runway once on vatsim(which i'm really banging my head for). It was when landing in Bristol which has a relatively short runway for a 737. What I did was setting the autobrake to the 3. position which I really thought would be enough and planned on using idle reverse thrust. I touched down, but after using half the runway I still had plenty of speed and I just couldn't get my head around why it didn't slow more down and ofc I forgot to use manual brakes because of the c
  4. Faster refresh-rate of player positions. I have never seen anyone do a smooth landing on VATSIM, because positions of players are only updated every second or so. That makes players lagging and teleporting around which I think is very immersive breaking. Positions should be updated at least 5 or 10 times a second and in realtime.
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