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  1. Brilliant and thanks. We have so many resources it's actually difficult to find these links!
  2. Figured I would post this publicly so we can get some official documentation on how we are supposed to proceed in these instances. I have a member that would like to rejoin the network and had created an account years ago from an email that he no longer has access to. What are his next steps in this instance?
  3. Not always, it actually depends on where you are controlling. In Canada, cleared for takeoff/cleared to land comes before the runway number. Here's an example from Nav Canada on page 8 of the document: https://www.navcanada.ca/en/media/publications/vfr phraseology.pdf
  4. I'm happy to announce Phil Dowling has been appointed as our new VACTCAN Division Director effective immediately. Phil brings with him some incredible experience as a past SATUK Director and later as VATEUR Regional Deputy Director. He's currently the Chief Instructor at CZYZ and was instrumental in the project management of some critical IT tasks we have been running in the background. He is a calm level minded leader and I'm confident with his experience and leadership will continue to guide VATCAN in a positive direction. I will remain as the Deputy Division Director reporting dire
  5. Happened yesterday while controlling Toronto Centre, we were running RWY 05 and 06L configs which is the preferred configuration unless cross winds exceed 25 knots in dry conditions. private chat: Me: please contact me on my frequency 125.77 Aircraft: Winds are 350 at 10 and you’re running approaches on 05 and 06L... WHY? Me: because that’s what they are running in real world. Aircraft: I’m going to disconnect and wait until you’re offline, bye. lol.
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