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  1. Thanks for the help! I've installed the IVAO vertical offsets, but this doesn't seem to have solved my problem. As well as the aircraft still being sunken into the ground, they have all been replaced with American Airlines MD-80s. This may, however, be an issue with my model matching setup, so I have attached a screenshot of the paths to my CSL as defined in the xPilot settings. Thanks in advance, Willaim https://imgur.com/a/om0ndmG EDIT: Fixed the problem now. It was an issue with the model matching setup following the download of the IVAO Vert Offsets. Didn't realise that
  2. Hi there! I'm aware that this was a pre-existing problem for xPilot at initial release, but following that there have been a couple of updates that say that the issue of planes sinking into the ground have been fixed, yet for me, this isn't working. My friend, who also uses xPilot says that is all working fine for him, and it appears to be the same for other people based on screenshots that I have seen, yet for me, nothing is happening. The planes are all sunken into the ground. I have re-installed xPilot and model matching many times, but nothing has changed. The only thing for m
  3. Hi there! I seem to have a problem with X-Pilot where all the planes appear sunken into the ground. Their landing gears (When they are in the air) + lights are all visible, but the planes are in the ground, with only the top half sticking out. The lights and gears used not to be visible, but worked after getting rid of xSquawkBox, so I was wondering if the problem was still partially caused by this? Thanks in advance, William
  4. I had a similar problem with the FF 777, and the reason was that I hadn't turned up the volume for the COM 1 + 2 radios within my plane - sometimes it can be a bit too realistic! I think the TBM 900 has the Garmin G1000 panels installed, so on the top left + right of the PFD there are knobs that control the volume for the COM 1 + 2 radios - try turning those up and seeing if it fixes the problem.
  5. Hey! While flying in cross the pond earlier today I noticed that all the movement of aircraft on the ground was running a couple of mins behind the live movements, which resulted in extreme difficulty taxiing and following other aircraft. I was using xPilot v1.1.1.1, and the airport was KJFK (Although the lag was happening in the air as well). Thanks in advance, William
  6. Any slot, any time will do perfectly! If you need to drop out for any reason at all, give me a shout!
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