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  1. The same to me- when I try to do anything with upper menu [load sector file, load settings etc] ES crashes with announcement "system handles with problem running ES, we are looking for solution". This is fresh Windows 8.1 installation on new computer.
  2. Very clear setup Roland. That's how it should look- ACC scope.
  3. I've been searching for this issue here but didn't find anything on that. What do you think, is it possible to install and run ES on such kind of device (I mean PC tablets with Windows 8.1). Has anyone tried to do it? Do you have any experience on that? Thanks.
  4. Hi, is there a separate plugin that alters datatag positioning from free move to every 45 deg only as in VRC for example...? Thanks
  5. And here you have it 'live' how it works in a day light
  6. This are settings inspired by AustroControl scheme. Quite simple and legible. History dots are with UK[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist plugin.
  7. This is Warszawa [Warsaw] Radar setup during busy "Fly&See Santa" hours. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Hi Chris, font is from Jake Saw's TAAATS Mod for ES.
  9. This is just a part of a Eurocontrol East scope with my ES settings. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. I know that VORs etc symbols can be adjusted in settings. I'm asking about primary target in TAG [the 'square'] Belive me, some of them have such kind of possibility [30 sec in APP sectors]
  11. Hello, I tried to find it in Mantis but I couldn't, so- will you gents take into consideration: -to have ability to modify colours of primary target, dot-trace and vector line separately? -to have ability to modify size of primary target [as for e.g. VORs]? -to have ability to set time vector line to one more extra value: 30 sec [good idea for APP/DIR sectors]? Take care!
  12. And again, what about possibility of colour customisation of the target, vector line and dot trace? Will you take it into concideration? [i can't find it in the mantis]
  13. I've wrote about the difference between ES and VRC above. Try this and understand the difference
  14. In the VRC this combination saves current display center point and zoom level as bookmark. Is it possible to have the same tool in the ES? I know that in ES I can use F7 to have more layouts then one, but the difference lays in the fact, that this ES windows are shown in constant order [have to switch all windows to get to the last saved] and if you zoom for example one of this views- it appears zoomed next time [in VRC appears in the way it was saved at the beggining]. In my opinion very usefull tool for big area positions with many TWR/APP.
  15. And talking about the tags- will it be posiible with the next release of ES to have configurable aircraft symbols, history dots and data-tags colours separately? It would be great idea for people used to such configuration. PS: Great job!
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