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  1. Bump on this one, EuroScope works perfectly for me with full functionality of the UK Controller Pack but the AFV standalone client gives a near carbon copy of this error when run through the terminal. Am using Arch Linux . Here is the output of a neofetch on my system: Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell Type help for instructions on how to use fish [23:29:40] [email protected] /home/adam > neofetch __ [email protected] _=(SDGJT=_ -------------- _GTDJHGGFCVS) OS: Arch Linux x86_64 ,GTD
  2. Same issue here, with X-CSL files (latest) as well as BlueBell CSL (latest) on XPilot 1.3.14 with X-Plane 11.50b10 (Vulkan enabled). I didn't have the issue on XPilot 1.2.x. I also tried disabling Vulkan, to no avail. 1.2.x did it fine with both CSLs installed, and I even tried with disabling the different CSL files to no avail.
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