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  1. Oh, I See Why I Am So Confused, My Add-On Aircraft Doesn't Even Have A Movable VOR Indicator, It Just Sits There... I Tried It On Three Aircraft And They All Didn't Work! I Tried It On The Caravan And NOW It Made Sense... Great...
  2. I Got The Vor To Not Have A Red Flag But It Still Is Not Moving... Also ADF Is Not Moving Either... I Might Be Putting The Omnibearing In The Wrong Place But I Have No Idea...
  3. 1st, Adf, My Frequency is 115.95 at SAV and I don't know what to do because it has two digits after the decimal. 2nd, Dme, I don't know what it means or how to use it but I would like to know. 3rd, I know what vors are but I do not know how to use the gauges... Oh also I don't know what omnidirectional range is... Thanks - Me
  4. K and I think My Name Should Be Changing I asked vatsim with a ticket will/should change soon
  5. I want to fly realistic because I am training to be a real pilot and I cannot talk to the atc because either they leave when I join or there is none in the U.S.A I am mostly training by talking to atc, but I can't...
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