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  1. Probably its similar to my issue i have with the latest versions:
  2. With the latest version, this issue is gone but for some reason, sometimes all other sound will reduced if the ATC is speaking (only ATC, did not happen if other pilots are speaking). Strange stuff, but I can live with that 🙂 Update 20.02.2021 Unfortunately it happend again, i have no clue what is causing this 😞
  3. I've temp. solved it by rolling back to 2.6.9 if this is helpful.
  4. Hello, since the last update the problem with the sound that all other inputs become quieter is back. Also, if you select "Do nothing" in the sound settings, any other sound will almost be muted. Has anyone else noticed this? In version 2.6.9. I did not notice this. I am using Windows 10 Pro. BR Bernd
  5. Hey there, was there any finding or is this now possible? :) BR
  6. Hi, I found out that this happend only, if I put adjusted the output with the + symbol. If it's set to 0, everything is okay. BR
  7. Hey, I've adjusted that but the P3D and all other sounds get still quieter if someone speaks on voice.
  8. Hi there, I just tried to switch to another Sound Output Device for the whole vPilot Client, but this did not work. If I switch the Output of the Voice in the settings, it works fine but If i additionally switch in my System Settings for the vPilot applicaion to my other output device, Chat sounds etc. will be still played from my "Standard" Audio Output Device. Is there no posibility to switch the sound output for that sounds too? Thanks
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