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  1. I find the level of immersion that voice UNICOM adds is amazing. But the 15 nm range sorts of force me to still use text to sync with odder planes. No example on Monday, I was approaching CYUL from the West via HABBS4. 2 other planes where comming in from the east as I say in VatSpy. I was not obvious to me when were all around 15000 feet descending which runway they would use 24R or 24L. Should I extend my approach from to the east to place myself #3 for the possibility that we used the same runway or following the regular pattern [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming difference runways. I was to far
  2. So far in the beat, we are relying on the afv web site to see a map of clients/controller. Do you know if vatspy in windows or vatscope on ios will be compatible with the new platform? Vincent
  3. I'm a long time flightsimmer but I have always been too intimidated to go online. I have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed countless hours as OBS to try and listen TWR & APP but always feel that I do not understand the command enough to be 'good enough'. I did just 1 vatsim session and found the experience wonderful. But not being able to understand enough stopped me from 'spoiling' it for the others. I would like to find more 'newbie' events once the new codecs are up and running. I would gladly sign up for formal VATSIM training & limited 'newbie' airspace sessions. I am sure I am not t
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