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  1. Ross, Personally I’d like you to implement the proxy feature into vERAM as you have it for VStars for tower views when working top down.
  2. Thank you so much for the very detailed explanation!!
  3. @James Pudney 1000702 I went over to the VATCAR website to see how your auth was working and after authentication I noticed it did autopopulate most of my information in the 'Application' section of the website including rating, country, name etc. How are you managing to do that if you aren't using the payware version of miniOrange? Essentially if I have to make it a manual process I will but i'm curious how you are importing all the information manually into your users database when miniOrange won't automatically do it. Is there a page which is providing you all the rest of the information
  4. @Jamie Janssen I would be interested in checking out your plugin. I am still building my website and I was able to get miniOrange oAuth to work with VATSIM auth but unless I'm going to shell out $350 for unlimited registrations and correct information and profile field mapping, I'd like to find an alternate solution. I know enough about working with php to be able to google my way around situations and make it work but by no means am a master at it. I view myself as more the 'make it work' and rely on stackOverflow to give you answers.
  5. Disregard - I'm an idiot and forgot to enter in my IP into the VATSIM dashboard to access the API.
  6. James would you mind if I emailed you, I'm having trouble implementing the miniOrange SSO and not sure what I have wrong
  7. James, I've installed the same plugin, assuming from miniOrange, the developer. I still have to apply for my VATSIM OAuth cert once my site is complete as I am just running it on a backend right now so can't configure till I have that complete along with my SSL. My question is can you elaborate on how you are manually adding the CID past 10 auto registrations? Are you using the free attribute mapping and creating a custom field within the Wordpress Users? If you could elaborate on how you made this work, i'd really appreciate it! Joe
  8. Hello, I am trying to download ESKey but cannot find it anywhere. Can someone point me towards it please?
  10. I downloaded the new Beta ES but now it isn't p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing any of the default ES audio along with pilots audio. My speakers and microphone are configured.
  11. Just downloaded 3.2A (r18) and it seemed to fix the problem but now ES is not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing any audio to my speakers and yes I checked that they were configured
  12. Ross, Loaded up VSTARs and the issue resolved and everything loaded properly. Has to be a EuroScope Issue
  13. Reached out on the Euroscope Side to see what they say. Its strange.
  14. Hello All, https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=77213 I posted an issue over on VPilot and Ross referred me over here becuase he believes that EuroScope is not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing aircraft type to VPilot which is causing me not to see aircraft and have the model match fail. Can anyone help?
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