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  1. Indeed, the problem has been solved since the intervention of the tech team.
  2. To complete : - after waiting for the update of 1200z today; - I uninstalled vpilot cleanly and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed a ccleaner - I changed my audio settings (input and output) to see if the problem was not coming from my usb audio headset, The problem persists.
  3. Hello, Sorry for the Google translation ... Wednesday 20/11 in the early afternoon, I reactivated my vatsim account. I waited 48 hours the servers update the reactivations. Even if I can connect to the ground on the network (LFMN has confirmed the radar echo), I still find myself with the problem stated in the title. What I have done : - installed the latest version of vpilot v2.4.0 for P3d (v4.5); - enter the ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word by hand (no copy / paste); - vpilot is allowed without network restriction in bitdefender; Despite this, I am still stuck. I have
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