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  1. Hello, First post on these forums! 🙂 I experienced a crash to desktop today while using xPilot in X-Plane Beta 9. xPilot has been very stable for me in 11.50 up to this point, but was definitely the cause of a crash just now, I believe XP may have changed something to do with the Map. I was just at Top of Climb, opened up the map with the 'M' key and as the map made its normal jump from the view present when you close it to the current position of the aircraft I got a crash to Desktop. This exact type of crash used to happen in previous Traffic Global versions too
  2. Hi, Can you receive but not transmit? I had an issue like that recently, realized I could only transmit if I had vPilot open. Do you run everything as Admin? If P3D or FSX is running as Admin, then vPilot must also run as admin to properly integrate with the sim. Worth checking that off the list. Kieran.
  3. Hi, Update I have been able to connect and view everything properly including all frequencies now. The issue was I hadn't un-ticked 'load previous profile'. I was trying to load it all directly from ASR's etc. Now each time I load up I can select the specific PRF file I want and it is all working swimmingly. Thanks for the help. Kieran. (To be considered closed)
  4. Hi, Yes I installed the controller pack. I can see the SMR's and connect now, can see users planes on ground, but cannot find any frequencies to listen in to. I am going to try a fresh install, and report back. In the meantime if you have any ideas would be appreciated Thanks, Kieran.
  5. Update: I can now connect. New problem - The Voice Communication Setup box is completely empty. When I downloaded it before it had all the UK frequencies on it, but it now doesn't. Have I got something wrong? Kieran.
  6. Hello, I am trying to connect to Vatsim as an observer for the first time and I get the following error. "Only BETA members are allowed to connect to VATSIM with this version." Problem is it is the only version I have found to work properly for me where I can actually get stuff to display etc. Any help would be appreciated. Kieran Harvey.
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