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  1. Hi, saw this mentioned in another thread, but can someone confirm, the error I have posted below, is that an incorrect coordinate error? I've been looking for a mistake for ages to no avail! xD vatSys Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at vatsys.Coordinate.ParseIsoString(String isoStr) at vatsys.Coordinate..ctor(String isoString) at vatsys.Airspace2.LoadNavData() at vatsys.MainForm..ctor() at vatsys.Program.Main()
  2. Hi folks, i would just like to know, when using vATIS, is there a way to leave a pause in-between each line of the APRT CONDs i set out, just as he seems to go on a tangent when it reads out a full list! haha, thanks in advance!
  3. Also experiencing this issue as of 09/02/20. COM1 XMT and REC buttons X'd, along with COM2 REC button X'd.
  4. Hi, I’ve looked everywhere I can, to try and find a sectorfile for Spanish airspace, and like the SMRs for Barcelona, Alicante etc, and I can only seem to find them for the Canary Islands. Is anyone aware of where I can locate files for Spain’s mainland? Cheers, Cameron (VATSIM UK)
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