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  1. Why I need to download? Well, let's say the responsible master boot record decided to go to MBR heaven and refused to come back. RIP.
  2. Yeah exactly that: Course is visible but not the exam. As I said, the account was originally created in late 2017. From what I figured so far, it seems as if the P0 rating was introduced some time in 2020 (at least that's when the first mentions of that rating occured on this forum) which would mean my account predated that by about 2+years. In order to log in for testing purposes I'd first have to re-download FS X which is some 30Gb, so something that is best done during the weekdays, while at work, so I don't screw up my bandwidth/HDD speeds while I actually use this computer...
  3. Recently reactivated my account that had been dormant for years and created in late 2017. Thought I'd go through the New Membership Orientation Course to see what is required to connect these days - lo and behold you need to pass some sort of test in order to get the P0 rating. Apparently that exam should be available in the exam center. That, however, is not the case for me. The exam center is empty and I seem to be unable to find any way to 'unlock' said exam. Also I didn't receive any email that told me I could do so. So, any ideas what I am missing? Or is this issue simply due to havi
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