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  1. me: SoCal, ASA123 holding short 24L ready for departure atc: ASA123, runway 25R - correction wind 24L... Gotta start it over again atc: ASA123 wind xxx at x knots, rwy 24L clr for t/o
  2. Charts - helpful if links are found on a (division?) website? Usually I just google _ _ _ _ charts A very simple test [or quiz ] on sign-up like the atsimtest for S1. Provide docomeents for them to prepare. At least this ensures they will have a rough idea of what is a clearance, different types of approaches, how to talk to atc etc Support for the new Europe frequencies if possible to implement One has an option to view the callsign of an atc frequency in the pilot client? well when I fly to new places I don't know if it's Control, Center or Radar, so this cld probably help
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