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  1. She'll be right, VRC works on my laptop and I mostly control on my desktop which VATSYS works on
  2. I did John, Personal machine. Old, albeit working.
  3. I just tried that, still the same issue. I only have default antivirus on windows. Not sure what it could be.
  4. On my laptop, vatsys lets me click the profile, then pop's up with the following error/s
  5. i'd personally love this, even for when CTAFs come out. Listen to a places CTAF.
  6. If you plan on flying within Australia, the Australian VRPs are listed here: https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/ersa/VFR__27FEB2020.pdf
  7. When flying oceanic, whether it be over the NAT, pacific or anything else, is it possible to divert when ATC is online, and if so, what's said procedure?
  8. This post isn't going to be very long, however I would just like to say that I love the community nature of IronMic. I've only participated fully in about 3 ironmics, but I love it when I can message some random controller also participating with me, and have a random conversation. I'd also like to say, how amazing the people are who have been running positions for almost 100% of the time.
  9. Absolutely, my mistake. I should have remembered that. I guess it just depends on the situation, If I were to call for IFR out of Bankstown after towerclosed, I'd call sydney centre rather than sydney approach or melbourne centre.
  10. I believe http://www.vusaa.org/vam/index.php does this, unsure however. @Brin Brody may know. I'd recommend to contact him over the forum or via his artcc.
  11. There aren't any stupid questions. All IFR clearances really are the same, but it's the phraseology that differs. You'd simply call up the position above you (and if you are in doubt of who it would be just call a position you think it might be) and go "callsign request IFR clearance/airways clearance on the ground at airport name". This should cover you 🙂
  12. Is this with the new beta, or just with vATIS?
  13. Hi Ismail! yes, VATSIM does provide non-event NAT Tracks.
  14. Hey, VATSIM doesen't provide one because I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume they have more important things to worry about But Sky Blue Radio is redeveloping our Wee Tune Beastie plugin which allows you to listen to our station in cockpit via tuning com 2 to 123.45. I'll keep you updated.
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