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  1. Finally it is so far! With the meanwhile 7th (!) planned opening date the BER finally goes online. "The heart of the new airport, the terminal building, will be located between two parallel runways. The six-storey structure is 220 metres long, 180 metres wide and 32 metres high, 160,000 cubic metres of concrete were used. In its initial version, the terminal is initially designed for 27 million passengers per year. The capacity can be gradually increased to up to 45 million passengers. At peak times, up to 6,500 passengers will take off or land at the new airport simultaneously. Theoretically.
  2. After 14 years of long construction. You will soon be able to experience Berlin-Brandenburg airport at its full glory! Vatsim Germany invites you to join the historical day of the first shuttle event between FRA and BER. You will be accompanied by the colorful dusk light of autumn in the short hop of about one hour within German airspace.We are looking forward to being a part of your journey on the 13th of November providing you with top-quality ATC.Charts:EDDF: https://vatsim-germany.org/pilots/aerodrome/eddfEDDB: https://vatsim-germany.org/pilots/aerodrome/eddb (! New Airport Layout)
  3. To meet the new requirements for posting an event it is mandatory to build it in a 16:9 format. Unfortunately when it is published, the banners at the overview page of vatsim.net/events are cutted in the upper and lower section of the banner. To avoid this, some are using blank spaces in the upper and lower section. That works for the overview page but when clicking the full 16:9 format it doesn't look very good. Is it possible to change the picture format in the overview page to match the 16:9 resolution of the requirements?
  4. Almost since the very beginning of their existence, Amsterdam and Munich shared high traffic numbers due to continuously growing trading. In the meantime the quite exhausting land trading routes got replaced by airways and the goods, valuable for tax income, are now mainly passenger transportation instead. But both cities' airports still belong to the top 10 in Europe traffic wise, which makes them interesting for a visit for sure. Therefore the Dutch VACC and VATSIM Germany invite you all to our City Pair Event between both mentioned cities! On Sunday the 8th of November both airports will be
  5. This year the VATSIM Germany Real Ops event will bring a huge step forward for realism on VATSIM.The newly developed slot booking system will allow pilots to experience an efficient and realistic flying experience. You will have the option to fly your aircraft on the VATSIM network as close as possible to real life schedule.Pick the destination you desire and depart from the biggest German airport at the planned departure time. Or choose one of the arrival slots and arrive according to real word schedule at Frankfurt International Airport.Save your slot now at slots.vatsim-germany.org.Check ou
  6. Our beloved capital airport Berlin-Tegel will be closed with the opening of the BER.We had so many beautiful moments at this airport and with you. For many Vatsim members of the RG Berlin, it served as a training airport: controlling for the first time, the first controller examination, the first time "Tegel Tower hello". Moments that we will always share with you and keep with us in our thoughts.Not only from an ATC point of view - no also with pilots Tegel is and was often known as one of the most beautiful airports in Germany. Many evenings and nights we spent at this airport with you, was
  7. The VATSIM traffic count for the airports is rising constantly, the spacing between the planes is reducing and more and more aircraft are crowding on the apron. But the regional group Munich has the opinion: there is even space for more! 14 controllers, 6 hours ATC service, one airport and only one target: pure overload! Therefore we invite you on the 24th of October to the Munich Overload. In the period from 1500z until 2100z we provide you maximum ATC Service for the major airport of the Bavarian state's capital city. Your task in this could hardly be easier: go get your most beloved a
  8. Late in the year VATSIM Germany and Dutch vACC are offering another event, which is specifically aimed at our visual flight pilots. On November 1st, 2020 from 1830z to 2100z it will be - cross the border - from Emden to Lelystad and / or the other. Both airports and the airspace will be manned by the appropriate ATC controllers. Be there when the planes take off for the first event between these two airports. Charts: Vatsim Germany Dutch vACC
  9. On the evening of the 17th of October 2020 from 1800-2200z Amsterdam and Frankfurt will open their airports and sectors together. There will be 2 eager packs of controllers, who are more than ready, to offer excellent service during this cityshuttle, which has more capacity than we will ever need. Do you think we are exaggerating? Then prove us wrong and use these 4 hours to fly a whole rotation in either direction! We welcome everyone in the local slang, no matter if it is in a small TBM or the queen-of-the-skies aka Jumbo Jet. We have plenty of space for all! Here are the details: Where
  10. It's already Tuesday again and that means "Berlin Tuesday" - summer is saying goodbye again in some places, so a virtual visit to Berlin is always worthwhile. The ATC crew is ready and waiting for you tonight. The last week has shown that they can handle a lot of traffic. And the weather is keeping things quiet!
  11. On 20.09.2020 we invite you from 1730z to the 2nd edition of the special 3h Shuttle Event between Bremen EDDW - Berlin Tegel EDDT. This event is not only special because the Bremen Jam will take place again on 20.09: In Berlin Tegel we will switch to Single Runway Ops at the same time! Only the 08L/26R will be open in Berlin Tegel, so there will be only one runway at both airports.You can expect complete ATC coverage at both airports and during the flight! We hope to have many planes for this short but nice racetrack.Looking for a different track? No problem, all IFR and VFR traffic is welcome
  12. The next Cologne-Bonn Onlineday is on Air!After two successful evenings of our Cologne-Bonn Onlineday series, the third edition is now following!On September 16th we want you to overload the airspace around the Cologne-Bonn airport! Let our controllers work up a sweat!From 17:00Z - 20:00Z we'll open up all our stations, from delivery to center, and will offer you full ATC coverige at and around the airport. We also offer you a shuttle to the polish capital Warsaw (EPWA)!Bring our Airport to life! Fly IFR with your passenger, military or cargo planes or explore the beautiful area around Cologne
  13. Longhaul fans, attention!On September 5th VATGER in cooperation with VATCAN is organizing a shuttle to the beautiful Canada. To be more precise it connects to the 2.95 million inhabitants city of Toronto! The metropolis, located directly on the Coast of Lake Ontario, is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and therefore our destination in September.We will start in Dusseldorf at 09:45Z and then our delivery and ground stations will be online for your flight preparations.From 10:00Z it's takeoff and Bye Bye Germany. On the long way you will always be supported by good ATC service of our p
  14. Light Aircraft Pilots Attention!We present the EDGG/EDWW VFR Overload for the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!On August 23rd, 2020 we will open several of our Minor Airports and Info Fields in the Langen sector EDGG and Bremen sector EDWW. From 16:00Z - 19:00Z it's time to get into your light aircraft and make our controllers sweat!Whether you are an experienced VFR Pilot or sitting in a light aircraft for the first time, enjoy the view out of the window from the North Sea over the Rhineland down to the Alps with your flight!
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