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  1. That didn't work, I don't know what FSUIPC is. I did the control panel test and it does not light up while fsx is active, but it doesn't when vpilot is active either, but vpilot picks up the button press.
  2. I have the same button set up as PTT in FSX, I will try removing that.
  3. I have been unable to transmit on vpilot while in FSX, I can if I switch windows. I am running both in administrator mode, running vpilot in compatibility mode (fsx crashes if I run it in compatability mode once I connect to vatsim), and using the PTT key on my controller. I used the .debug command and it doesn't seem to register the keypress when I'm in FSX, but does if vpilot is the active window. I'm sure there is something out there about this but I've spent two days reading through old threads about the issue with no luck.
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