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  1. I can attest to this. Baltic Control is an excellent example of this. I cannot count the amount of times pilots have been surprised to see a contact request from Baltic Control after they pushed back without clearance at Vilnius. Baltic control doesn't appear at all on older vat-spy files and even on the newer ones it is still annoyingly wrong as it is published as "above flight level 245." Vat-spy and/or charts can't be a "be all end all" expectation of pilots because some frequencies on the vatsim are fictional. Just look at the EURX sectors.
  2. Yeah, I use that plugin but there's only so much a script can do. I think it's time for a PC upgrade
  3. I agree I get low FPS Occasionally, however, I am running a script that counteracts the 'time compression' effects of X-plane so that I can achieve normal speed. Additionally, I'd like to know if it's possible to add this feature: When you turn the volume knob in your simulator for the radios the volume level is reflected in the Pilot Client. It came to mind when I noticed that if the client can tell if the aircraft has power to the avionics then this volume feature might be possible. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this!
  4. We invite the whole Vatsim community to partake in our two controller exams that will be taking place on Friday 28th of June! The exams will take place at Riga international airport (EVRA) on Riga Control (EVRR_CTR) and Riga Tower (EVRA_TWR) starting at 1700z where our friends Ryan Wilson and Elias Severholt will be putting their skills to the test for their exam! All VFR and IFR traffic is welcome and appreciated Examiner for the tower exam will be Janeks Tompolskis Examiner for the Area Control Centre exam will be Ervīns Reinverts We strongly recommend that pilots new to the area have
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