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  1. Hy Christopher, Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I will review your references and read more about it. Regards
  2. As I don't know how to fix the XSB, I have changed the client by Swift (https://swift-project.org/). It looks like it works better.
  3. I have been doing more testing. I've noticed that when my microphone is disconnected I can hear the communications! I can also change freqs using all my radios. But if by any reason I disconnect XSB and connect it again I cannot hear anything. The only fix is to exit the sim, boot it again and connect to XSB... now I can hear communications again. So I think I may found two different issues here. - When my USB microphone is connected all TX and RX are broken. I cannot hear anything and in the logs I can see the trace "Unable to open audio device." - Without the microphone c
  4. Hello chaps! I am really exited that on the last XSquawkBox release there is no need a separate voice client, marvelous! Well, after updating accordingly the software to the latest... I run the sim... I am in the cabin... set my radios... and... nothing is heard!!! nooooo! Something fishy is going on, I can read in a window inside the sim the audio is connected: After trying different outputs configurations (all of them) it was time to take a look in the logs... So in the logs I could see that there is an issue with the sound... although it does not clarify if it is
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