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  1. I also have the same problem, I do not see traffic IA traffic disable Version VPilot is 2.6.7
  2. Hi guys, my name is Daniel Regueira, I am virtual pilot and controller in Vatspa Spain. I am also deaf and use a cochlear implant but I find it difficult to understand people by voice as I am not face to face to understand it since I need to use text with the pilots. My reason is to give a suggestion to the vatsim team and the euroscope team is to put an option to check text-only box and when the drivers enter the frequency they receive a few beeps and that a text or sound that says sorry sir appears, on this frequency is not available for voice, use only text because the controller is deaf. P
  3. @Andreas I have no captures or anything, because I went angry and sent a ticket that does not send to supervisor's mail
  4. I am deaf, Néstor know, i have hard listen voice, i always only texy, but today two pilots ignores the text, i repeat all time only texy
  5. Ok, I am controller, it is my first problem with pilots
  6. Hello, how can I report to two pilots via vatsim instead of wallop? I ask two pilots text for my hearing difficulties but they ignore me and still use voice. They have rolled and taken off without authorization
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