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  1. Hello, please can you help me sort out my audio issue. When I communicate with ATC on vatsim it sometimes cuts out and cannot hear there full message. I have also had numerous occasions when they say I audio is stuttering and broken How could I fix this issue ? Thanks
  2. How could I put in the new vatsim IP address Where would I go to do that
  3. Hello Where do I go to put in the new server IP address so that vatsim doesn’t crash I can’t seem to find it Thanks
  4. Hi guys I’ve looked in all the forums about vatsim disconnecting but it doesnt seem to fix my problem.When I’m flying I get a message saying (the server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge,Disconnected from network Anyone know how to fix this Many thanks
  5. Hi guys thanks for all the he,p and sorry for such a late reply.Everything is working really well Thanks so much Kind Regards James
  6. I do not have another microphone and 8 know as a fact that my microphone can be used to speak online
  7. Hi guys I’ve tried getting hold of ATV again but they can’t hear me,by chance my microphone could actually be muted how can I unmute it
  8. I calibrated my headset and spoke which i then heard myself talking being played back to me
  9. Where can I find windows recording setting ..I’m using direct sound for both audios.im using WiFi which is right next to my device
  10. Ok but let’s say you’ve tested it but then you still can’t get hold of ATC all the time.one minute they’ll hear me 100% but then other times they won’t hear me at all
  11. Can the signal in your area place a role in. E not being able to talk to ATC all the time and also there is a text message area where you can talk to atc while flying but how do you text with fsx pausing
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