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  1. The link downloads the old tools the updated version does not yet appear
  2. Follow the link for the files https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TUneDCfvzj7Y_fqfkHqiWIraeFhE8KaO?usp=sharing
  3. It is not converting the .SCT GEO coordinates (SCTtoXML) He is not managing to convert the .KML (KMLtoMap) The rest is converting normal Anyone with the same problem or solution regarding this problem?
  4. Try ”n” to “Weld Nearby Coordinates” did not work the same problem continues
  5. When I convert KML this error appears I made the contono by line in google earth of the air space and when converting this error appears
  6. I have a Navigraph subscription but how can I get the data and transfer it to Airspace.xml? data from my region which is Brazil
  7. xml-tools - SCTtoXML this converter is not taking GEO data from .sct?
  8. We are developing the sector of the Brazilian division I would like to know if you can update WAYPOINT, NAVAID, AIRPORT, SID & STAR without entering the information manually. Can I update from Navigraph Data?
  9. Jake Saw You could add the mouse scroll to zoom the same as the euroscope in the VatSys client software.
  10. Do you have any software that draws the ISO 6709 coordinates? how to convert the coordinates of the .sct file from euroscope? Google Earth has how to draw the lines but how can I get the coordinates in ISO 6709?
  11. how do you get the coordinates in this format -044960.000 + 1590000.000 / ? Do you have a website to convert to this format? I have this format -18.231293708012 -52.9546041119249
  12. Hello, any developer could provide a detailed document on the creation of sector files in VATSYS in .xml
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