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  1. Thank you for the checklist for soundproblems, Daniel. All done, MIC works, normal ATIS (xpilot not connected) works fine. No audio reception with xpilot. I have not tried the prf files yet. Regards, Lutz
  2. Hello Andreas, yep, German, living in Switzerland. I have TeamViewer but unfamiliar with teamspeak. Any other way to communicate? Regards, Lutz
  3. I will try once more this evening, gotta go to work now
  4. Hi Justin, I tried that, also nothing. It is a total mystery to me why this is not working.
  5. I even tried cranking it all the way up, still silence...
  6. Hello there. I am having troubles with xpilot on xplane11. The problem is the following: I have the latest xpilot software and have tried this with the default C172, Be58, Zibo, and TOLISS 319. I can transmit and controllers can hear me, I confirmed this via text. However I cannot hear a single word via voice, also no ATIS. Disconnecting xpilot of course lets me hear the normal xplane ATIS immediately when I do so. I use a steelseries usb headset, works with all other games. Mic works too. Yes, I have done the .rx com1 on thing, I have checked that the correct hardware is selected in wind
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