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  1. Same here, are the servers changed? Found it, you have to edit the following file "VATSIM.loc" Replace all content with this:
  2. Indeed N0450F390 or M086F390 😁 About the VFR altitude, currently vPilot does NOT support that, the author said he would not change that until the ICAO flightplan is introduced on VATSIM. Just to be sure i want to file flightplan like this: (FPL-VATSIM-ZX -C402/L-SDFGRY/S -EHLE0900 -N0125VFR DCT VZ/N0150F050 IFR DCT OSTIR -EHGG0115 EHLE) Regards, Marcel PS This was supported by FsInn, which is not supported anymore.
  3. Hi Zach, Small observation, should it not be FL390 instead of 39.000 ft. 😎 ICAO means filing in FL above the countries TL. 😊 Hope you also will support to file "VFR" as altitude, as done with lots of VFR traffic in Europe. Keep you the good work! Marcel
  4. Hiya, Was wondering if there are plans to allow vPilot to post ICAO "style" flightplans? Like FsInn does now. Mainly focused on the altitude field. In ICAO there is "normal" to file FLxxx or VFR as altitude. In Europe (not USA/FAA): Very common that VFR flight file a altitude of "VFR". It's even uncommon to file a specific altitude as VFR flight. Thanks for reading and considering. Regards, Marcel
  5. Hi Robert, Good point and replacement. Sadly this site ( www.vatstats.com) does not detect circuits flights correctly. (Meaning departing and arriving at the same airport, vataware had always a good algorithm to correctly detect and display these kind of flights). For example this flight: Old vatware -> http://www.vataware.com/flight/597ccdc0535233160b000005 vatstats -> https://vatstats.net/flights/6006652 Kind regards, Marcel
  6. Bump, so no one from vataware present here? Lately it seem now at a 9 and 10 minute interval. A pity really, especially the shorter flights are not logged correctly. Marcel
  7. Hello Ross, Was wondering or you might consider adding the items i mentioned here (last post): viewtopic.php?f=132&t=70628&start=75 Also were is the BETA channel of the latest BETA, or am i missing something? Kind regards, Marcel
  8. Hi Daniel, Neat little project you have there!! Shows indeed my recent flight with normal intervals. Seems the change has been made at the vataware side. Regards, Marcel
  9. Hiya, Was wondering is there any reason the data-sample rate of VATAWARE is now 10 min instead of the 2-3 mins it was before? Is this cause by the vatsim-feed or by the intake of VATAWARE itselve? Regards, Marcel
  10. Hiya, Deadhard user of FsInn is converting to vPilot. Have 2 request to make, i do apologize f they already came up earlier: - Would be nice to have to PPT-key mapped to both a joystick key/button and a keyboard key. - Can it made possible to file "VFR" as your cruise altitude, as done in real-life: Realife example: Thanks for considering. Kind regards,
  11. Found one with the link above but replaced the operator by BWA (Caribbean Airlines): http://flightaware.com/live/fleet/BWA http://flightaware.com/live/flight/BWA790 Adding one number found the return flight http://flightaware.com/live/flight/BWA791 Logics suggest the aircraft does also a local flight from TBPB to TTPP
  12. Y RWY 10 dep Briefly for prop aircraft: - As soon as practicable turn right - Turn to heading 180 deg - At 10 nm PJM - Thereafter intercept airway radial Briefly for jet aircraft: - As soon as practicable turn right - Turn to heading 230 deg - At 10 nm PJM - Thereafter intercept airway radial Note FlyTampa runway 10 scenery update is available here: http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3720
  13. Hiya, Does anyone know the voice callsign of AMSA cargo-airline, Aerolineas Mundo SA, from Santo Domingo? So far i could find there ICAO code was MUQ? Thx! Marcel
  14. On Friday 10th November 2006, between 1800 and 2300 UTC in the EHAA area: The following conditional routes will NOT be available for civil (GAT) traffic due the establisment of a Special Rule Zone (SRZ) for a military exercise. (Ref: NOTAM A0181/06) UZ700 (between waypoints TULIP and LEKMO) UZ704 (between waypoints SPY and AMADA) UZ705 (between waypoints PAM and AMADA) UZ708 (between waypoints HELEN and AGISU) UZ709 (between waypoints RUPIN and KUVEK) UP603 (between waypoints BEDUM and GREfI) See chart below for the area involved. Pilots on the normal ATS routes south
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