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  1. Hellow everyone, Since last week I have been dealing with problems with the connection of Euroscope. I'm just an student learning how to use Euroscope and using it without connection to VATSIM. Firstly I open the EuroScope FSD Server and then I connect Euroscope to my own IP in Start Sweatbox Simulator Session connection mode. Since last week, when I open the Euroscope FSD Server I receive the following messages: [2019.04.03 10:12:20] Examining license data ... [2019.04.03 10:12:20] No more restart without license download. [2019.04.03 10:12:20] Downloading license data from lic
  2. Thank you Morten. I have visited several vACC websites. Concretely I'm quite interested in the spanish airspace but in VATSPA I can't find any way to have access to the files. I know VATUK is pretty more accesible as any other divisions.
  3. Hello fellas, Firstly I want to apologize before asking you some doubts: I'm pretty new in what Euroscope is and its features. I'm kind of working with this software at the university and I'm having troubles related with sector files. What I understand is that you can download them from the sector menu clicking on "Download Sector Files...", once I get in there I see multiple Available sector files providers with the option of Download. Once I click on them Euroscope Send me a message: "Error: Failed to create file: C:\Program Files \EuroScope\"etcetc" download. How can I fix i
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