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  1. I know in the other scopes we are able to have an aircraft route drawn on the radar. After looking threw documentation I cant find a way to do it in stars. If there is a way please let me know if not I would like it to be an option.
  2. In conjunction with a couple people in ZHU a ES package is being made. But we ahve hit a road block when it come to video maps. After import the sector data from VRC for some reason all maps load besides the airport maps. What should we be looking at it fix this problem?
  3. has anyone else ran into a problem with xpiolt and xplane were if you running pilot with the plugin it causes the sim to crash and vis versa if you run pilot without the plugin causes the pilot to crash. running the most up to date version of the sim and the client here is a pastbin of the sim log https://pastebin.com/purBw4Dh
  4. michael LaRosh

    Voice Bot

    It seems when the voice server restarts/kicks users off vATIS is unable to re-add a voice bot to the network. At the time of this post, I have confirmed that this has also happened to Boston as well. http://prntscr.com/pvq62u
  5. Is there a way to limit what airports generate flight strips.
  6. It would be nice to be able to make a flight plan for planes that don't have one. Why I ask is because I know sometimes piolts don't file especially if its a VFR flight. It would be nice if we could make one so every flight has a plan so all ATC that would be controlling them knows when going on.
  7. I have been having a problem with connecting to the network. First I was getting Invalid protocol revision. So I downgraded to 1.2.3 of VRC witch go rid of the error. But now when I'm trying to connect the network it's trying to connect then I get disconnected. Here is a screenshot of the last VRC instance I ran. As of 6-14-18 running 1.2.5 getting servers but still getting the error. https://imgur.com/1plMbFj
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