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  1. Hi Ross. Many thanks, wasn't aware of the existing adaptation for the screenreader. Thanks for considering accessibility for the other client's updates as well , that will certainly be useful for the future when VRC is unusable.
  2. Hi. I am a totally blind user of vrc using it with a screenreader. It is currently the most accessible controlling program given Euroscope is not at all. The majority of vrc is usable I have found in my training as we are able to view flight plans and edit the information on them. We have encountered several problems and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to make some small accessibility changes. The first is that I cannot seem to find the textbox with incoming frequency messages, although I can find it for private messages. WE think this may be because the main frequency messages box
  3. Hi Ross. Thanks for the response, and yes I can down arrow to the list, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.
  4. Hi. Since a few versions ago, been having an issue where after entering an aircraft, tabbing does not move to the list of possible aircraft types to choose from. I am unsure if this is a problem with the screenreader not detecting it, or if this has been removed from vpilot/no longer needed? Thanks.
  5. Hi, another blind pilot here with my thoughts on this. Thanks for being open to accessibility. The interesting thing is that the main text window for the frequency you happen to be on is fine, it's just private message tabs that don't allow us to view the text area in the same way. Commands or hotkeys would be great for the buttons. The connect window however is pretty usable for me, everything is labeled and clickable I think. I think if a command was created that would send nearest controllers, say within 100 NM or something, as a private message would be great. Personally, I think lin
  6. Hi. Thanks so much for the help, really great to hear that all controllers should be inclusive to us blind pilots as well. It's certainly been a learning curve with all the software we use to fly but vatsim was the ultimate goal and really enjoying it for the most part. The majority of controllers have been really great, but I'll certainly drop you a line if I encounter any further issues with spawning to runways. Declan.
  7. Hi. Looking for some advice on something. There is a small group of blind flight sim enthusiasts who have been flying on vatsim for a while. We use a bit of software called fs tramp to fly (it is basically an addon autopilot that allows us to control the aircraft since we can't access the main fmc or systems with a normal screenreader). In short, we can operate the plane just fine in the air, the only thing we can't do is taxi. We have to start on a stand and then spawn to the runway with the controllers permission. Most controllers are very helpful, and simply wait until the runway is free
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