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  1. Was dealing with a pilot messing around on with no controllers online. When I walloped I put the callsign first then the problem and it only displayed the callsign in the text box. ".wallop N123AB messing around at XXXX" [] [WALLOP] : N123AB not necessarily a major bug but it should be looked into in my opinion
  2. Are there plans to change it to allow the disability of that window and put all messages on the main client?
  3. Is there any way to disable this window? I have 3 monitors and one of them has the xpilot window open almost always. I don't like having the new message box popup and me have to close it a bunch of times in flight. I would prefer to go back to the old notification bar and be able to view these messages on the main xpilot window. Would this be possible to do in the future maybe as an option in settings?
  4. Also having this issue today at KBOS, worked fine yesterday at KBDL though, not sure why it would make a difference. Only thing I can think is AFV trying to put up automated ATIS bots at a major airport like KBOS but not KBDL. I hope the dev will give us some more details
  5. While controlling I frequently like to monitor the controller below me to know when handoffs are coming and to make sure everything he/she is doing is correct. If aircraft are transmitting on both frequencies at the same time and I turn off RX for one frequency in the standalone, I continue to hear the sound of the main frequency but the RX receive light turns off until they stop transmitting and start again.
  6. Hello, I recently came across a keypad that comes with 20 keys and a joystick. I have been looking into custom key [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments for VRC. I would like to bind the panning of the view to the joystick axis. I have not been able to find anything in the docomeentation about controls. Is there any way currently implemented or is there any work around that I would be able to do to make it work? Thanks, Collin Koldoff
  7. Sorry if this is under the wrong topic. I recently started experimenting with using the towerview option in vPilot and in vStars with P3Dv4.2. I noticed that the radar on the screens allows me to use the buttons but no aircraft on the ground or in the air show up (I tested it with a friend). I can see the aircraft just fine through the windows but I would like to be able to see them on the screen so that I do not have to keep switching over to my ASDEX window to look at an aircrafts position.
  8. P: BDL_TWR Twin otter PJ-WIS on the ramp request vertical take off and unrestricted climb to FL4000 C: PJ-WIS BDL_TWR standby **coordination with center** C: vertical take off and unrestricted climb to FL4000 approved advise when ready for departure P: Wilco C: Attention all aircraft within the vicinity of the Bradley airport, rocket activity will be commenced over the airport please use caution remain this frequency for further. **A few minutes later** P: PJ-WIS ready for departure C: PJ-WIS vertical departure from the ramp is at pilots discretion once airborne conta
  9. I was hoping to use the liveries that I already have created since making a new one would require a new model, do you know if I could take the FLAI models and put a livery on them and what the legal requirements are if I were to do so?
  10. Hi, I am currently in creating modelmatching for the CS757 and Majestic Q400 with custom liveries but when someone connects with the correct callsign and aircraft type the aircraft shows up but does not have working landing gear unless I am in the same model. For the CS757 it does not show the winglets and it is synced to my aircraft (if my gear is down the aircrafts gear is down) is there anyway that I could fix this. Regards, Collin Koldoff
  11. I have noticed that when a text pilot is filed as heavy and when you give them instructions that would normally require you to put heavy after their callsign does not work. Is there any way to fix this or is it just a problem with VRC that I shouldn't worry about? -Collin Koldoff ZMA S2
  12. I recently have been controlling ground and have received unresponsive aircraft that land at my airport. These aircraft are most likely on unicom and I was wondering if there was a way to tune into unicom and request them to contact me if sending me a contact me has not worked. I frequently send contact me's with no response. I hate giving out wallops because it wastes the time of a SUP for a problem that could be solved so easily. Is there any way to setup a unicom channel and easily prime up on it when needed.
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