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  1. "big shoes to fill" is an understatement. Congratulations on your retirement Kyp and best of luck to your future. Thanks for ten great years serving the membership.
  2. Really sad to read this. Mike was a really great guy.
  3. Michal, I sorted the email issue by using an alternate with no spam blocking. vRoute looks terrific. Thanks for all the hard work to make this freely available to our membership. GREAT JOB!
  4. vRoute is not required software for VATSIM. vRoute is an enhancement. It provides many useful functions that you might find helpful for on (and off) line flight simulation.
  5. Sorry for dropping one more on you Michal but I can't get registered either with my charter.net account. I tried an address directly off my own server and no joy there either. I just tried a third time from my server with all the spam blocking turned off but I am no longer getting any confirmation when I click the register button. Perhaps I caught the server at a bad time.
  6. I bet he is running only one view stretched across all three monitors. I have seen those Matrox triple head2go units at the AVSIM convention running three 19 inch monitors at 3840x1024x32. It's a slide show but wow what a view with the side monitors angled in toward your head. I guess the 8800 can't even make up for the cpu speed needed to generate a 3840 pixel wide view.
  7. Neil, Chad - did you get my email? EDIT, never mind, I see you added Chartfinder to the charts page - Thanks
  8. NOTAM: For the latest and most up to date list of charts and flight planning links, please visit the VATSIM Chart Center - http://charts.vatsim.net This site was created and maintained by Chad Black & Neil Dewson-Smyth. For our new Chartfinder tool which greatly simplifies location of current charts in North America, the UK, and Australia, please open the VATSIM Chartfinder http://vwings.com/charts This service was created and maintained by Lee Hetherington, web hosting by Mike Bevington Please reply to this thread with any additions or corrections to the links provided on
  9. Excellent Kyle! Maybe my eyes are just too tired this evening but I can't find a date for the convention.
  10. Great news Ilan, looking forward to the South African fly-in in November.
  11. I look forward to meeting the participants. Hopefully we will have plenty of traffic for them to control so as to put on a good show for convention attendees. When I was in San Diego last year, the ZLA team did a great job with a similar event on the floor of the convention. Here are some of the photos I took of the ZLA crew. It was amazing how many flight sim enthusiasts attended the convention who were at awe of what VATSIM had to offer. Most all of them knew of us, but a surprising number of people had no idea how it really worked. This is a great PR opportunity.
  12. Ben, you can get details about their convention at the avsim.net web site. Look for a link on top of the home page.
  13. I will be attending the AVSIM Convention again this year. It starts on the 15th of this month in Washington DC. I see that the Washington ARTCC is controlling a fly-in from the floor of the convention on Saturday and I look forward to meeting that team. Anyone else planning to attend?
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