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  1. Hi Craig, this is an amazingly useful plugin. However I am not able to download the plugin from the link that you are provided. Can anyone please provided an updated link for the plugin download. Thanks
  2. Oh alright. Yes, I have checked out Vstrips and it is awesome. But turns out that none other ATC in my division uses it so I won't be finding it that efficient
  3. Hmm perhaps. But anyways, no hitches these days. Thanks for your reply, I'll try that reply if I ever encounter the issue again. #StaycalmandVATISM ❤️🙂
  4. The update that was released following this issue fixed it.
  5. Hello Andreas, Thanks for sharing this file. However, is there any guide or reference material which I can go through to understand this plugin ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I've been using Vpilot for a quite a bit of time, now all of a sudden for the past 2 months I am facing this issue- Whenever I start Vpilot, it does not open immediately and also it makes my computer freeze... I leave it untouched for a few mins and my computer gets back to normal... I have never faced this is issue earlier but now I'm facing it... I have tried re-installing it multiple times, running it in admin mode and compatibility mode for Win 7 and 8 and many more things related to perms and such but no luck. I sense this is a weird problem as none of my colleagues experien
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