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  1. -Disconnect Time: 15:15z -How Often your disconnects are: every 2-5 Minutes -What error the client showed on disconnect: Lost connection to voice server -Callsign: B3108 -Client Version: X-pilot -Internet Speed:100mbit -Internet Provider or rough real world location: China Telecom, Chengdu, China -A link to a zipfile of the debug.txt file if it exists as well as the Log folder within your client:I will update this post ASAP.
  2. Hello. I'm living in China, and don't have the best internet to connect all over the world due to some reason. After the afv update, I have not only the disconnecting problem but also the voice loss problem. But before the afv update, everything works fine for me, including the voice. I tried to use different software (swift0.92 with afv client, swift0.93 with afv support, xsb with afv client) in case that it's a client bug, but every software works as same as X-pilot. And I tried to connect different sever, but nothing different. For now, on average, I get disconnecting every 2-5 minu
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