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  1. when I run xsb I can hear all controllers. However I never hear other planes. I am on the right free's according to ATC at the time. Any suggests?
  2. XSB 2.0 beta 4 hotfix 2 works very well on my old 2009 MacPro 12 core. Running XP11.41 / OS High Sierra 10.13.6 Cheers!
  3. I tried XSquawkBox and have worked with support via email. XSquawkBox and XP11.40 crashes when I select my mic for my usb headset. Maybe my system is too old. i’m not sure. I had tried using Pilot Edge before and it just didn’t work out for me. I’m not sure who is slamming who... leave me out of it. Maybe XSquawkBox will come up with a fix or maybe I will figure out Swift. I guess it’s back to the beginning for now.
  4. Good Day! My system is old....2010 Mac Pro 2x3.33 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon - 32GB 1333MHz DDR3 - 2TB NVMe HD - Radeon RX580 8GB I use Corsair Void PRO RGB USB Wireless Headset. OS High Sierra 10.13.6 - XP11.40 First not really sure which version to use... but from your reply its Swift/xswiftbus 0.9.3.xxx430 Alpha. So is it Swift and xswiftbus or xswiftbus stand alone. If I recall it wanted me to download a Windows app too. This old man is just trying to figure this out... Cheers!
  5. Well I had to give up on this. I could not get this loaded correctly. Not sure what happened. I followed step by step install but missed something. I get no audio. I guess I need to go with PilotEdge. Their app is simple and works pretty easy.
  6. It’s kind of complicated for this ol’ man. Not sure where I didn’t get it right. Just hoping for a simple voice app similar to PilotEdge. Will try again! Cheers!
  7. I had been emailing with support on latest version of xsb for mac. It will connect to vatsim but it crashes xp11.36r2 when selecting usb audio choice. Running 10.13.06 OS High Sierra on 2009 Mac Pro 12 core 3.33Mhz. Probably time to just move on. Cheers!
  8. xplane 11.40 on mojave still crashes on launch. Fingers crossed. I run a 2009 macpro 12 core 3.33 and 1TB nvme.
  9. OK...not sure what happened. I rebooted mac after fresh install of beta2.0 and now works. Go Figure LOL Thanks all for your help!
  10. Yes... Im pretty sure - tried com1 and 2, Different freqs, was mapped correctly saw "T" in lower left as I had setup. You can hear key when PTT is used. I really don't want to go and use PE.
  11. I d/l beta2.0xsb and was finally able to hear tower and traffic but cannot transmit even after setting up PTT button. Audio config is grayed out and cannot config like old version. Windows is out as Im on a mac. Will check Swifts Alpha as you suggest
  12. That would be great! This 63 year old might not make 64 LOL.... so much confusion. Fingers crossed! Cheers and many thanks!
  13. So there is no Mac app to support the new audio or any audio in fact? I tried to follow used guides but I can really use some help. This 63 year man is just not seeing why I have com issues. Following is my setup; Saitek joysticks with a PTT button mapped to com1("T" shows up in bottom left of monitor) Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 on iMac X-Plane 11.36r2 (build 113601 64-bit) xSquawkbox 1.3.3 I Used Unicomm and/or airport freqs when tower is manned or unmanned. There are no errors when loading xsquawkbox, It stated connected and reminds you to check out new audio which I have no clue
  14. I am running the latest update of plane 10/11 as well as XSB. XSB loads and there are no error messages. However I cannot use any communications, see an ATC location nor can I see anyone on line. I am in the SF Bay Area. I looked on web but I could not find anything. Id appreciate your help! Anthony
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