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  1. I already have my training on process. However, I have question on rating transfer from IVAO to VATSIM system. I am an AS3 controller .I have already p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed IVAO AS3's and ADC's technical exam and I am waiting for [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning ADC's practical exam. I also able to take control on DEL, GND, TWR, APP in IVAO East Asia region (including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Macao, The Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam's airspace)already. Can I transfer my rating to VATSIM. If yes, what rating can I transfer to? Thx for answering
  2. Hi! I am a newly join member of VATROC and I just finished my registration on the vatsim.net. I wondered how to require an ATC training for me with VATROC. Can somebody tell me about that? BTW, I am already an ATC in IVAO HK.
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