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  1. Ok, I will do this in the future. I had got the impression, from videos I had watched and forum posts I had read that you should just wait for a contact me message. Also, earlier in the flight, I looked on VATSpy and it said I was in London Center's airspace. So I checked in with london center and he said "you're not in my airspace, monitor unicom 122.8". So if I'm not sure, I should always contact them? Thanks
  2. Hey, So I did my first ever flight on vatsim today (EGCC to LPPT) and it went great, however when I was descending there was center online but I never got a contact me. So I stayed on unicom and when I was on the base leg, the center controller disconnected. I presume the reason he did not send me a contact me was because he was wrapping up and didn't want to take on any new traffic. I turned final and another aircraft said they were landing on the opposite side of my runway. I didn't know what to do so I disconnected. What should I have done in this situation? Thanks, He
  3. Hi, Just wondering why on this example there are two waypoints, both FL270 or above and in between it says FL200? Thanks
  4. Hey, I am aware that you can get all up-to-date charts for the USA completely free of charge. However, are all other charts for other airports just out of date? I already have a navigraph annual FMS data subscription but the charts subscription is out of my budget. Does everyone that flies on vatsim pay for charts? How does it work? (I'm fairly new to vatsim by the way) Thanks, Henry
  5. Hello, I'm incredibly new to the VATSIM network (I haven't done any vatsim flights yet), and I was wondering about nav data and charts. I get that you have to pay for the latest NAV data on websites like Navigraph, but when I went to see their pricing I saw that, for a much higher price, they also offer charts. These charts they offer are way over my budget. Are these 'latest charts' required and what's the deal with them? Thanks
  6. I will do that in future and thanks a lot for your help
  7. Hello! My name is Henry and I am new to VATSIM. I have recently been having issues with V pilot in which I get given the frequencies for radios for airports that I am not at. An example would be when I was ready to taxi at Liverpool (EGGP) and V pilot gave me all of the frequencies for Manchester (EGCC) including things like ATIS which makes it virtually impossible to talk to atc. Kind regards, Henry
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