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  1. It disappears from vatspy after around 1 hour. I can log in and it remembers the plan but why is it removing from the broadcast list? It used to stay up for 2 hours.
  2. When I send a prefile on the webpage it lasted 2 hours. It is lasting 1 hour or less now. Is this a change in policy? Thank you. Bob
  3. Why would I provide proof since I am being sure to not call out and name the offending sectors or controllers I want to know if this is something normal and to expect or if it is not right and the controllers are in the wrong? If this is not right for them to do should I make a note of it and bring it to the attention of a supervisor? That is what I am asking. Whether you believe me or not is not my concern.
  4. Hello sorry for the long time replying when I first posted the topic. I would rather not call out the centers specifically. It has happened in Europe and America. One time I was flying through a center that had an event on, I can understand if they are busy but I am still in their air space and they sent me right back to unicom when I attempted contact. The time in Europe I was passed from one center to unicom even though the next sector I was flying through was online and still stayed online for an hour after I was out of their airspace. It was confusing to me, why bother being online if
  5. Even if a controller is busy, and I am at cruise going through their airspace, why should I not be under their control? I have had that happen to me many times now in different regions. A controller handing me off to unicom even though the next center I am flying to is still online an hour after I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed through is the last one to happen today. Or a center never sending a contact me that I expected and if I contact them they are not interested in me staying on their frequency. what is the point of me flying online after I depart then, I should just log off the network until
  6. Roger sorry to waste your time thank you for explaining it!
  7. Please disregard the com2 I have to activate the MIC on both radios for com2 to work right, user error, sorry! for the SELCAL here is what the vpilot window showed, line 3 was the controller mixing up callsigns https://i.imgur.com/XlddzsJ.jpg and my login screen https://i.imgur.com/vAuAv1p.jpg I have not had this selcal issue before and I took part in oceanic tests and it worked for me then. Just not today with the new codec officially rolled out. Thank you. Bob
  8. I will try the command later thanks and yes I double checked the SELCAL and logged back in to be sure. SELCAL is correct just not receiving a ding it is only a text message in the chat window from the controller.
  9. Oceanic is having trouble sending me a SELCAL test it shows up in the chat window as a message from the controller there is no audio playing. Is my vPilot not working should I attempt a clean install?
  10. Beta update channel. PMDG 747-400. Com2 shows as receiving and highlighted in blue. When I move the MIC to the VHF R in the PMDG 747 though the transmit on vpilot never lights up. I can receive but not transmit on the second. Bob
  11. But if I pre-file no one else can pre-file with that callsign it will say callsign in use. Why one way but not the other? I should login first as the callsign before setting up the plan then in the future?
  12. When he logged off the system removed my prefiled flight plan! I know he did this accidentally and just happened to want to fly the same route as me, but it should not let him login in the first place, right?
  13. I pre-filed a flight plan and somebody has logged in with that callsign, no flight plan, and now I cannot log in? How can somebody sign in with a callsign I pre-filed a flight plan for? Thank you. Bob
  14. Vatspy showed my flight plan and the server accepted it though it was very weird. But a controller said he could not see it so I thought to cut characters out and try again and it worked. Bob
  15. I think the flight plan was just too long? It is working after cutting out some text now.
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