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  1. Yes that is correct. RX flashed when others seemingly have talked to me or each other and TX flashed when I pushed the PTT button that I have set in the settings menu. The controller also wrote me that he has heard me 5/5. Shame on me for picking the wrong output device
  2. I use 0.92. and I have AFV installed. People can hear me but I can't hear them. UPDATE: Disregard last, Wrong output device selected. Now everything is 5/5.
  3. Is there anything else to do to hear the ATC? I have installed and setup AFV as per the instructions. I see how I "receive" and "transmit" however I don't hear the controllers. Using SWIFT at the moment. Looking forward to your answers. Regards
  4. With model matching deteriorated. Tested EDDF minutes ago and all planes with a DLHxxx callsign had the Airbus factory livery whereas on Tuesday they were displayed properly with the Lufthansa livery just fine.
  5. While I cannot offer you a solution for your FFA320 issue, I can just confirm that it does work. So there is no general incompatibility between the FF A320 and xPilot. But I have heard from other members that the JAR A330 doesn't work and have yet to hear from someone that it works which means that there might be a general problem between the JAR330 and xPilot. Regards
  6. According to the instructions "Paths are relative to X-Plane's main directory, but you can also enter the full path to the package folder anywhere outside of X-Plane (useful if your CSL package lives on a different drive)." So you can basically put it anywhere you like as long as you set the correct path for it. However I prefer Martin's and Eric's approach of installation because it keeps everything nice and tight in one place. Installing all the X-CSL contents and BB_Airbus, BB_Boeing, BB_GA folders and so on into the CSL folder of xPilot saves a lot of trouble. Works fine so far. The on
  7. Thank you for your answer Martin, It doesn't work for me though. I don't have any planes now. How do your paths look like then when you open the xPilot plugin and go to "CSL"? Additionally how is your BlueBell folder sorted? Do you have BB_Airbus, BB_Boeing etc. in your Bluebell folder or have you moved all the files into the "BlueBell" folder itself? Regards
  8. Good afternoon my fellow aviation enthusiasts, after installing xPilot I also installed both X-CSL and the BlueBell CSL packages. X-CSL straight into the CSL folder of xPilot and BlueBell onto a different drive. Now I wonder if it is possible to use them together, as long as they are in separate folders, or if you should pick one and stick to it. If you can use both combined I am curious to know how is xPilot deciding which model will be displayed from which set. Looking forward to your answers Kind regards
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