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  1. According to my current vACC policies, visitors are required to know the standard phraseology in English and in the local language, however they don't need to be fluent in it. Due to this, most of the training can be done in English. For example: although German is a non-ICAO language, in Germany it's used for local VFR. If I wanted to visit this vACC, I'd try to learn as much as I can the standard german phraseology for that situation. At the end, I'd like to help and motivate new pilots and never create uncomfortable situations for them. But why could these happen? Due to my hypothetica
  2. I will give an example. I have an ese file for the whole fir LECB. Inside this FIR we have various ACC, for example Barcelona, Valencia and Palma. All the existent antennas in the whole fir are written in the ese file. But on Barcelona irl they use for example 6 of them, in valencia another different 4 and in palma 4 different ones. Is there any option to simulate that whithout creating different ese files for the different ACC?
  3. Is there any option that Euroscope can save the antennas that are on or off? They are set in the ese file and I might have different .prf's files pointing to that sct/ese file. My question is wether I can have all the radar in the same ese file and depending on which prf file is opened, some antennas are set to on and other are set to off. Therefore opening another prf would set on the antennas desired. Any chance for this?
  4. Continuing with the topic and issues on the last update (r29). Hope this feedback can help finding the bugs. - Neither in the arrival list nor in the new ADC, the aircraft which are to arrive or have landed don't appear. At least in a Sweatbox. - The previous problem might be because when the aircraft is near the destination, an "ARR" status is set and confused with the VOR with this name. Then ES sees only an aircraft which will go to Portugal and then back. - Taxi in list doesn't fill up with the planes with the ground status TAXIN. - The advanced ground status pop up is
  5. Thank you for the answer Bjoern. As I see it is like volumetric poligons in which radar will not be targeted. That's exactly what I was searching for. And thank you for the tip about the stairs, I think this is how I will implement it at least on the canary islands. For the Barcelona and Madrid sectors will be a bit more difficult as there are many more radars and mountains. Fortunately we can get the radar range for all depending on the altitude (as you recomended) from the national air traffic web. Once more, thanks for the explanation.
  6. Hello all. According to the question of Eiving to simulate some radar holes made by obstacles as mountains, what'd be the procedure to create this in the new radar section. We could create the radar, give the cone of silence to each one and it worked perfectly good with the new radar2 object which implements the formula of the earth curvature. The result is a perfect simulation. However we have signal on areas where due to mountains we shouldn't see any traffic. I've seen the docs but not sure what this does. I attach a picture about what we'd like to create. Cheers all.
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to change the STS (as ST-UP, PUSH, TAXI, DEPA) to other names (as P/B, TAX, DEP)? This is how they are written on the real spanish radar. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWERED My first question was about departure times in ES which is alredy answered in the thread Chriss Klosowski sent me. Thank you. However a possible plan that I propossed was the next: Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT) -> Target Startup Time Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) -> T
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