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  1. This vATIS docomeentation http://https://vatis.clowd.io/doc says that pre-defined ATIS messages for airport conditions or NOTAMs are profile -independent: These messages are independent of configuration profiles so no matter which configuration profile you have active, you will be able to access all your pre-defined messages. I'm using the latest version (, and that doesn't seem to be the case. It looks like they are indeed profile-dependent. Can someone else check, or is this already a known bug?
  2. I'm using autohotkey to emulate an "F" key that is not present on my keyboard. I use F16 - F24 for this purpose.
  3. I'm using VRC 1.2.6 and AFV client 1.6.30. When I transmit audio, the "TX" light does not light up on the AFV client. I primed up my frequency on VRC. I'm not sure if it's a known bug or not.
  4. Ah, got it. I've installed my second copy in a different directory. Is there a way to manually start the swift copy models wizard to import my model set from my other swift installation? Either the setup wizard did not ask me, or I closed it out accidentally.
  5. I'm running X-Plane 11 and was wondering if it was possible to have different versions of swift installed on the same computer side-by-side? I'd only be running one version at one time, but I want to install both the beta and the alpha version. The alpha version has a feature I'd like to test out, but I still want to have a working fallback. On the installation page here, it says "it is generally recommended to install swift into a versioned folder. This allows keeping several versions in parallel (one for testing, one for production for example). All installed and downloaded files are
  6. I'm using swift with X-Plane 11. X-Plane 11 has commands to toggle monitoring COM1 / COM2 audio. I have keyboard commands bound to these commands, but they do not mute / unmute the audio coming from COM1 / COM2 of the swift client. I'm sure that these X-Plane 11 commands are correct because if I disconnect from VATSIM and tune my COM1 radio to the ATIS for the airport, the mute / unmute works as expected. I submitted this as a swift bug, but I just wanted to check on the forums just in case.
  7. I like flying with realism, which means not knowing which aircraft are static, and which are other aircraft on VATSIM. Does swift have an option to disable the yellow callsigns that float on top of VATSIM user planes?
  8. Nice job Justin, looking forward to this new version. I have vATIS v2. Do I need to uninstall it before I install v3, or what is the upgrade path?
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